How To Make Link Building Result Driven?

link building

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link building

2012 had changed the SEO industry, if not as a whole, then to great extent for sure. The algo updates of Google had caused serious damage to thousands of websites using poor link building tactics. Now, in 2013, link building is not just a game of numbers, but a genuine marketing strategy that web masters should pay special attention to if the objective is to claim top position at the Google’s ranking ladder. How to make link building a great support for enhanced website value? This writing will give some in depth analysis of the topic.

Find Answers Of “WHY” At First

 Before devising the link building strategy, try to find the answers of some common “WHY” questions. Find answer of

  • Would the links be helpful to get not only top ranks at Google, but also to attract real customers towards the website?
  • Would the links be good for any upcoming Google update?
  • What’s different in the business?
  • What are the major concerns of the company?
  • Is there trust factor found between you and the website owner?

Why SEO Is The Need Of The Client?

If you ask the clients, why they need SEO, the answer would be like to get more links, more traffic, and more content.These reasons aren’t enough to get started with the search engine optimization campaign. Ask the clients why they need links, traffic, and content for their website. You can also make questions like the important aspects of the client’s business, the modes of making money from the website, and the factors driving more business profit.

After finding the answers of above questions, you will reach the reason behind the company existence. After having clear understanding of these aspects, you will find yourself at great ease to devise the SEO plan and specifically link building strategy that could deliver to the business of the client.


Success Isn’t In The Links Count, But In Revenue

 The success of efforts isn’t the larger count of links obtained for the client’s website, but the revenue obtained as a result of successful deals. This concept should be considered throughout the internet marketing campaigns and getting links from some relevant sites.


Use Metrics That Could Satisfy Your Client

Not all the clients earn direct revenue from their websites like B2B websites, so for them you should focus the leads and inquiries from the site traffic, leading to the business revenue. The deliverables should be your focus during the whole link building efforts and find ways to improve upon them.


Don’t Go For Short Term Projects

Results from SEO efforts are not quick to achieve, so avoid short-term projects if the deliverables really matter for the client. 6 months is the minimum time required to deliver the actual results to the client through effective SEO campaign, ask for that; otherwise, avoid accepting that project.

Come Up With A Good Link Building Strategy

After having it clear that the client wants revenue from the SEO or specifically link building efforts, you should think about some result-driven strategy. Going that way will let you help the client in receiving improved revenue from the online business, not just the bigger link count. The links obtained through this approach will hit the target that you and your client have set mutually.

Inforgraphics, But Of Good Quality

Although, infographics aren’t that much effective, but if of good quality. Instead of tower graphic creation, go for something valuable for the customers.

Writing For The Customers

 Instead of wiring content to get links, it’s better to write for the customers, which will ultimately benefit the website to get good ranks at Google.


 Links are important not just today, but in future as well and demands of high links from clients will go on rise with time. The need is to look for the links that could stand the tough times without worries of Google updates. It will also please the clients because they would be getting what they want, the business.

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