Miramagia- The Magic Farm MMO Game

Miramagia- The Magic Garden

Playing online browser based games while sitting idle on PC is a kick ass idea without any doubt. Numerous browser based games can serve your needs. Miramagia is the latest chiller. Exceptional farming experience in Miramagia will take your monotonousness far away. As you will start farming in your magic garden, all of your pressures will go out- it’s a magic though!

Miramagia- The Magic Garden

Miramagia- The Magic Garden

Free Farm Game Miramagia is totally different from the other farming games like farm villa. It’s not about growing herbs at all, you need to perform various tasks and upgrade your farm to the next stage by completing the given tasks. You will be amazed by the various magic powers you will get in every stage!

Miramagia- Gameplay

Miramagia’s multipurpose gameplay is really marvelous and Characters are full of awesomeness. Practically, it’s hard to resist yourself from playing Miramagia once you are in!

Without registering yourself, you can’t play this game. As you enter the game you need to play three roles- a shaman, a witch and a druid or a mage.

Growing different magic herbs is a challenge off course. Weather changes will make your efforts tougher than you are thinking. Remember one thing- Making friends is very important as it’s a social game, moreover adding friends is a strategy. You may receive gifts from your friends that will speed up your level up gradation.


There is a baby dragon and players have to take care of that all the time by growing herb till it grows into a complete powerful dragon. Interaction with dragon is a completely new feature in Miramagia. In all games users can’t interact with the creatures they grow.

Miramagia Magic FarmingAs we said before- Miramagia is full of entertainment, dragon race proves it. Users can good profit out of it, if his/her dragon wins the race.

With every stage passed, players need to upgrade their farm with new and rare plants. Excellent atmospheric animations add a new feather to Miramagia’s features.

These are not all my friend. The most attracting power you will have is- “Controlling weather”! Yes, using this magic spell you can change the whole scenario and make rains fall!

This is not the climax, as you will grow rare and exquisite plants; you can jump into the business by selling those and can make hefty profit. Spend those coins and money to beautify your village. You need to complete some of the difficult task set by the visitors.

Miramagia Magic Farming- Memberships

Membership comes with extra advantages. Securing one level after users can upgrade themselves with some magical transformations. The main magical transformation will start once you reach the 100th level.  Users can buy a membership and upgrade themselves into silver and even in gold member from regular. With upgraded membership you will get a lot of over the top advantages like harvesting and watering your entire farm with a single click and you can sense the difference of bonuses when you transform yourself into gold member- Really wild and hefty bonuses!

Miramagia Magic Farming- Connect, Chat and Have Fun

With a click, you can connect with your friends playing Miramagia easily. Users can do chat with each other and play the game simultaneously. There are some funny magic spells by which you can play pranks on your neighbor…..interesting, isn’t it?

Playing Miramagia is a real fun and entertainment packed where developing farming skills will sharpen your nerves and Dragon race is an Adrenaline rush experience. Enjoy this online magic game and prove yourself as the best man with farming skills.