What does Your Domain Name Say About You?

How To Register A Domain Name Yourself

It’s no secret that domains can make or break a website’s success. If it’s too long, if it’s too strange, if it isn’t easy to remember to spell all of these things can contribute to a domain name that bewilders potential browsers and actually discourages web traffic.

How To Register A Domain Name Yourself
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Many web hosts look at domain names as a chance to make a first impression. They see it as the “door” that web surfers come through before they reach the actual content of the site. But what about the rest of the house? Does your domain accurately reflect that, too? Does to speak to what your site is actually about?

If you’re unsure of how and where to choose a domain name, here are a few tips for making a decision you won’t regret.

  • Make sure it’s available. Before you torture yourself with the possibilities, make sure someone else hasn’t gotten there first and rendered the whole thing moot. You can search sites like Register.com to easily figure out which domains are already taken. 
  • Decide if it reflects the tone of your whole website. It’s fine to have a comedic domain name, but just remember that even in your serious, thought-provoking side column, the first thing users will see is the LOLMONKEY.COM blazing from their address bar.
  • Research the company where you intend to your purchase your name. What kind of services do they offer? How much bandwidth? It’s important to know these things right away, because if they can’t support the website you intend to build, you’re better off taking your business elsewhere.
  • Follow the crowds. If everyone is flocking to the same company, the company is probably doing something right. For example, more than three million people have enjoyed a domain name registration service at Register.com, so that’s three million reasons to start there.
  • Look for good customer service. Every startup has a few hiccups down the road. Make sure you choose a domain company that values its customers and has a good record of helping out when things go pear-shaped.

Whether you’re a blogger or a businessman, you’ll want to make sure you choose a good domain name for your website. Not only can it attract viewers that might have otherwise surfed on by, but it’s also a black-and-white statement of what your website values and what it has to say to the public. Good luck, and happy registering!