5 Great Options For Taking Payments Online

5 Great Options For Taking Payments Online

5 Great Options For Taking Payments Online

If you sell anything, someone somewhere is hopefully sending you money in exchange for a good or service. Earning money is great and all but with so many different methods to get those funds, picking the best way can seem like taking a shot in the dark.

Instead of looking for the best of them all, you could be happy for five different, great options for taking payments online. Leaving yourself more options rather than fewer is always a good idea and if you have accounts on these five different sites, there’s no way someone won’t be able to pay you electronically.


The name says it all. If you search for electronic payments on Google, this is one of the top websites which will be returned. That’s because Electronicpayments.com is a trusted aide to merchants all over the world.

Whatever you’re selling and however they’re paying, customers can get their money to you in a fraction of the time it would take a check to mail and clear. It’s hard to beat this convenience but possible with the right kind of service.


Skrill is popular on writing websites like Elance, Scriptlance and more where people from every corner of the globe come together to find work and talent. It works similarly to Paypal in that you sign up for an account, fund it and then start buying whatever you want online. Getting money on your Skrill account is no different from using other electronic payment processors so give them a look if you don’t feel too strongly about any of the competition.


Getting a MoneyBookers debit card is easy. You don’t need to give up any personal information like social security or bank numbers to get a card. You simply sign up for the service and they mail you everything else. You can check your balance online at any time or over the phone by calling the number on the back of your MoneyBookers card. It isn’t as widely used as some other payment methods but this is still a great way to take payments online.


Like the name suggests, your money will be safe with SafeCharge. This is a relatively small company compared to the others listed here but SafeCharge also has great customer service and support. Because they’re small, they have lots of time to spend on individuals like you. That is the big redeeming factor for this widely unknown payment processor.


Last but certainly not least, PayPal is still the greatest way to send and receive money online. They barely charge any fees for transactions and if you do it a certain way, you can send money for free, too. PayPal is integrated tightly with eBay so if you end up owing the latter money, know the former will also come after you.

The people at PayPal may be a bit of a mess but there’s no denying Paypal’s top spot in the land of electronic payment processors. The company has been around for years and looks like it will keep being around long into the foreseeable future.

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Lincoln Connors is a veteran online marketer who writes about how to make money online. He also supports merchant warehouse credit card processing as a way of taking online payments.