Giving Your Office The Makeover It Needs

Giving Your Office The Makeover It Needs

The responsibility of running a workplace can be as much of a challenge as running a business itself. You need to make sure that your colleagues are happy ones, and while this is, in essence, all you need to do, achieving that can be a mammoth task. A good place to start is to transform the environment that your employees work in. If the office is as healthy as it can be it will reduce the number of people wanting to work at home, and increase morale while developing inter team relationships, resulting in a more effective workplace. A few ways to achieve this are as follows-

Go To The Cloud

Upgrading your systems from your standard hardware to a cloud based one has many advantages. From extra storage space over a standard hardware package to the reduced carbon footprint and reducing the cost of upgrading this type of system, there are many positives.

Furnishing Your Office

There is a lot of talk about going from the typical chair-desk scenario to the stand-up desk. The health benefits for the employee are varied, from encouraging a less sedentary lifestyle to increased productivity, it might be time to think about putting those chairs to one side in favour of using your feet.

Giving Your Office The Makeover It Needs

The Phones

Are you still using the same phone setup as you were 20 years ago? If so, chances are that you could use a new one. From integrating the use of headsets to using a different type of phone system, the quality of your telephone line will mean the difference between a frustrated customer who can barely hear you to one you can have a healthy dialogue with.

The Internet

By the same token, is your internet connection up to speed? Do you hear someone in the office talking about how slow the internet is today almost every day? With the almost complete reliance of the internet to do the most menial of tasks, having a high speed connection is as necessary as having plumbing.

Healthy Snacks

The office culture can revolve around cakes, doughnuts and a whole manner of sweet treats. Encourage healthy snacks, like fruit and nuts instead of the sweet and salty snacks, and the mid afternoon energy slumps will be reduced.

Adequate Breaks

Are your colleagues taking enough downtime? Not just in terms of their holidays, but also during work hours? Do you see so many people eating lunch at their desk instead of socialising in the break room? Not having enough breaks can contribute to decreased productivity down the line.

Have Fun!

This is the most important. If your colleagues are not happy, is it the example you are setting? Are you encouraging a healthy environment, or are you completely target driven? Why not have work theme days, like fancy dress or games days? This can extend to outside the workplace too. Have regular social functions, like bowling nights, or team meals. Relationships between colleagues that were once frosty and tentative can turn into friendships and healthy working relationships.