Deal Guru – Online Shopping Portal

Deal Guru - Online Shopping Portal

For the very first time, AskMeBazaar is presenting you their newest website DealGuru. AskMeBazaar has always provided you the facility of Indian style shopping, and that too online. AskMeBazaar has always put up a great effort to recreate the magic as well the amazing experience of the Indian style shoppingand that too online. The following site is easily being defined by its simple and also its easy to use buying process which basically covers all of the Indian features to facilitate the Indians to be able to shop freely and also without any hassle.


If you must be knowing, then AskMeBazaar is basically a bazaar with myriad of stores from across India. The buyers can actually view the products from multiple stores and also buy their choice of product. They can easily get their product with amazing value offers from the store that they have selected.

There are various Indian brands, unbranded goods, some local specialties, very special festival offers, bargain before you buy facility, pay as you please facility as well as share what you want to buy with the social circle are actually some of the very important key factors of the Indian shopping which are being brought to you by none other than AskMebazaar.  The AskMeBazaar basically guarantees every purchase with its unique “getit trust seal”, which would actually allow the user ratings on each and every seller and also on their products as well.

AskMeBazaar is no doubt the best premier online bazaar of India where the sellers from all across the country can easily open their online store and would also be able to display all their products for absolutely free. There is simply no upfront investment and the seller can easily sell their product that too online by just paying the fixed fees so that they are able to process every transaction on the platform.

Deal Guru - Online Shopping Portal

Well we do sincerely hope that the above pargraphs have provided you with complete knowledge about AskMeBazaar which actually has brought you the DealGuru. DealGuru is actually a platform that has been provided by the AskMeBazaar to aid the seller to liquidate any sort of excess inventory. The team of AskMeBazaar actually sources the deals from the sellers from all across the country so that they are able to make the products available at deep discounts.

It is pretty much obvious that whenever you are deciding to buy any type of product from the DealGuru you can simply be rest assured about the quality of the product. In spite of the sellers being selling the excess inventory, the products that are actually in very good condition actually qualify enough to be sold at the DealGuru section.

Let’s provide you with a glimpse of how the process actually works

  • The AskMeBazaar actually request the product samples from various sellers. After they have received it they review the product for various factors like the quality and then identify a suitable price for the respective product. Only after they have received the confirmation from the seller they make the deal which goes live in the DealGuru.
  • AskMeBazaar is basically responsible for any type of Photo-shoots or any kind of content which would be generated for the product.
  • Deal Guru will be in the charge of the product so that it can generate the orders and also deliver the goods to the buyers.
  • The Confirmation call would be made to the buyer just upon delivery.
  • After the successful delivery the amount that has been received would be transferred to the sellers after the due deduction of the fulfillment charges along with the commission.
  • If required, AskMeBazaar would also process the return requests.

They are currently operating with more than over 1000+ deals and do already have more than 900+ associated sellers. The key categories that the DealGuru covers are the Fashion, Beauty, Electronics and also the Home appliances. So we would totally suggest you to experience the magic of Indian shopping offered to you by the Deal Guru as soon as possible.