Top 5 Best Sources to find Ideas for your Next Blog Post

google instant search results

I’m out of Ideas for my next blog post. Where to find new and fresh ideas? Is my next blog post capable of getting traffic from search engine or end up in trash? These are some of the questions which comes in blogger’s mind when they are out of fresh and interesting blogging ideas.

It’s not hard to find or create blog post ideas, all you need is to look in right direction. Today  I will be describing 5 different sources from where you can get 100s of fresh and valuable topics for your blog post.

1.  What’s Hot on Google+

trending on google plus

You can get a lot of ideas on Google’s Social Network. All you need to do is just goto What’s Hot on your Google+ profile and click on any of the trending topic related to your niche. Trending topics are usually based on latest events, so there you will get fresh ideas and after posting blog post, share your post on related trending topic.

2. Google Search

google instant search results

Google Search now provides instant search results which means you will get results as you type queries in search box, this functionality is called as Instant Search. Lets see how to get ideas from Instant Search.

3. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a huge network where you can find cool webpages, images, videos and lot more interesting stuff on different topics. To get blog post ideas just sign up on StumbleUpon and browse huge inventory related to your blog niche. There you will find latest innovative ideas and valuable information by just clicking a Stumble Button on top of website.

4. Related Search on SERPs

Whenever you search a query on Google Search or any Search Engine, you will notice related search suggestion at the bottom of the SERPs. It is one of best source to get ideas for your next blog post and widely used by many blogger.

google related search

5. Ideas from Popular Brands

So your blog runs on WordPress, why not get ideas from WordPress CMS. Today most of the bloggers prefer WordPress for their blog, and few of them write about WordPress and related topics. You can too get lots of ideas on WordPress, for example browse through WordPress themes gallery and create a list of “top ten themes for blogger” or WordPress themes for Photographers.

Like WordPress there are hundreds of popular brands which you choose to blog about. If your blog is related to technology niche then you can select blog ideas and topics from Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc. Around 71% of bloggers only write about brands that they think are reputable.