Essential Tips For Website SEO Audit


If you have recently started your business website and are not sure if your SEO strategy is working for you or not, you need to stop all the work, sit back and audit your website for SEO. This will give you an idea as to where you stand. Besides, it will also let you know what you are doing wrong and why you are unable to achieve the desired results, suggests any best SEO Company in India.


Given below is an extensive tutorial that covers every aspect of auditing and helps you get a gist of what the current situation is and how you can rectify it.

1.)   Broken Links

You may not realize it but broken links constitute for most of the errors committed while working with SEO. The ideal way to discover a broken link is by clicking on the link itself. If it opens to the desired page, you have nothing to worry about. However, if it displays an error message, you may be in trouble. A minor error such as this can take you notches down in the search results page on Google, since this search engine giant expects nothing but perfection. To counter this problem, follow these steps:

  • Download Xenu. This is a free website checker and is extremely popular among masses.
  • Run the program. It will check for any errors concerning broken links. It especially looks into links for images as also hyperlinks.
  • It will then provide a detailed report of everything that is wrong. This will give you a head start and you can then make the necessary changes.

2.)   Creating an account with Google Analytics

This is a very important aspect that you must not ignore. It gives a daily record of how your website is doing in terms of the visitors that it receives. It is important that you enable Google Analytics so that you do not miss out on important insights. To do this:

  • Create an account with Google.
  • Go to the Google Analytics page.
  • Click on the ‘Access Analytics’ Button.
  • Once you have your Analytics account created, you can move on to the tracking Code Configuration that tells Google Analytics the type of website that you are tracking.

3.)   Using the SEO tools for Firefox

Firefox has impressive SEO tools that can be used to analyse your website’s standing. If you use Microsoft, your default Internet browser will be Internet Explorer. To use Firefox and its SEO tools do the following:

  • Visit and download Mozilla Firefox.
  • Follow the instructions provided to install Firefox on your computer and start using it.
  • Once Firefox is up and running, click on the Tools menu. It will provide a drop down list. Select the ‘Add-ons’ option.
  • On selecting this, a search box will be displayed wherein you need to type SEO quake.
  • Instructions will be provided, following which will enable you to install SEO Quake on your computer. This will now form part of Firefox’s menu.
  • This tool will give you a detailed analysis of your website and will help you choose the right over wrong. Besides this will enable you to make smart decisions.

4.)   Typing your keywords in Search engines

One of the best ways to analyse your SEO strategy is by typing in your keyword in Google, Yahoo and Bing and examining the results. Scrutinizing your post and checking for its position on a regular basis is a good treatment. Never opt for tools or programs that automatically look for your website’s ranking. Google detests such programs and your website may have to bear the brunt. You can even consult with the best SEO Company in India to get best results.

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