How to Get the Most Out of a Trade Show

How to Get the Most Out of a Trade Show

Trade shows are ideal for creating new business opportunities, meeting future business partners and getting your message out to an interested audience. Have a look at these hot tips for making the most out of your trade show presence.

Plan your stand well in advance

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It’s good to book your trade show stand well in advance – often as much as a year ahead of time. It’s also good to plan it as early as possible. Start thinking about what you want your stand to do: how it’s going to showcase who you are and what you do, and how you are going to make your business stand out from the companies displaying around you. The earlier you nail down your ideas, the longer you have to turn them into reality.

Traditional or modern?

Traditionally, trade show stands are shell scheme installations – that is, the shell of your stall fits into a rectangular enclosure within an “alleyway” of others. Modern stands, though, use modular building blocks to occupy the rectangular space – so instead of having one open wall and three display walls, your stand can be as interesting and different as your imagination wants it to be. Think about who’s going to visit and use your stand carefully before you make a decision.

What stock will you take?

If your business sells products, the show stand is your opportunity to show them off. The question us, what are you going to take? Businesses that have a large product list can’t take everything, and even if you only have one or two products to show off you might not want to display them all. A current seasonal range is often good enough and sometimes simply one flagship product.

Does your stand have light and sound requirements?

A modern show stand can incorporate multimedia displays, and may need to be wired for sound and vision as well as lighting. Be aware that different countries have different electrical requirements and may even operate using different types of electrical current. It may be necessary to use the services of local electricians in order to ensure that your display stand has answered all local health and safety and installation requirements.

Where will you stay?

Trade shows are intensive events, which can see you working long hours for days at a time. The location of your accommodation is of paramount importance. The further away you are from the venue, the more tiring and difficult your show presence is going to be. It’s a good idea to ensure that you have booked your accommodation at the same time you book your show stand’s plot. That way, you know you have the basics sorted well in advance, and can start to look at the details.

What about flights?

Be sure you have booked flights and local transportation in plenty of time, too. There will be plenty of other people who need to attend the same show, so the longer you leave it the scarcer (and more expensive) travel tickets will become.

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