Google Glass: What is it?

Google Expects to Sell Google Glass by 2014

Google Expects to Sell Google Glass by 2014

There is continuous development in the technology and big companies are making use of these technologies to come up some extraordinary devices or gadgets.

Some of these gadgets have advanced features and are enough to mesmerizer the users with their looks and functionality. Now Google has joined the race. The latest from Google is the “Project Glass” that is being talked about a lot. Google Glass has been in discussion for long and now the search engine giant has come out with its detail. A group of engineers are working on Google Glass so that it could be more user-friendly, with practical features and convenient too.  

The new gadget

In the technological field, this is a unique and unmatched gadget. The name “Project Glass” is given to a pair of glasses that is not an ordinary glass but an electronic gadget which can work as a personal assistant in our daily life. After wearing the glasses, the wearer could give the command and things will happen accordingly.

The technological giants have categorized this glass in the “wearable computing”. It is very hard to imagine a gadget that we would be able to command without even touching it. The Google Glass is surely going to transform the lifestyle of general people when it will get launched.

Its usage

People could use the Google Glass the way they wish to. We may want to know about the nearest café in the locality or would like to go to the book section of a shopping mall; we can get the information with the help of Google Glass. We may want to make a video call or would like to set a timer along with a message to sent to the friends;

Google Glass will be able to handle everything. There is no need to press a single button still you will get to see how a pair of glasses could handle all that you demand in front of your eyes.

How it will work

A Google Glass will have a smartphone in it. The person will put the glass on the eyes and everything he or she likes to get done can be possible. There is no need to have straps to hold the glasses, no need to carry bags or pouches to keep them. You are hands-free the entire day. Right now all these seem to be next to impossible so we have to wait and watch. There will be usage of artificial intelligence in the device so when the wearer gives the command, it will be accomplished.

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