Establishing An Effective Employee Performance Improvement Plan

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Whether you own your own business or you work in the human resources department for a company, it is a good idea to learn about the benefits of an employee performance improvement plan. Also known as a PIP, a performance improvement plan is a good way to give any employee who might be struggling a way that they can succeed at their job. This is not to relinquish any accountability for performance issues in the past, however it is more of a way of nurturing the employee to help them get through some of the road blocks that they have been facing.

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Employee Performance Improvement Plan Starts With Documenting Issues

Any supervisor or manager can work to document various areas of the performance of the employee that may need a bit of improvement. It is important to be objective and keep up with the facts while using examples to help clarify the call for concern. With any employee performance improvement plan, it is going to be best that you follow a set format so that each employee is going to get structured information that will help them to learn and move forward. Some of the areas that could be touched on in the format will include:

– Information about the employee

– Date

– Gap or performance discrepancy description

– Expected performance

– Actual performance

– Consequences

– A plan for action

– Manager/supervisor and employee signatures

– Evaluation of the performance improvement plan

The Action Plan

It is going to be best for a supervisor to put an action plan in place to help with the employee performance improvement plan protocol. This is something that can be adjusted upon meeting with an employee and gathering feedback. A good action plan will set forth detailed goals that the employee can strive for. Over time, the supervisor can determine whether or not the employee will have to have additional training, time or coaching in order to be able to meet the objectives that have been set forth.

Meeting With The Employee

This is a meeting where the areas that need improving are laid out to the employee by a supervisor. There could be slight modifications made and there should always be a follow up meeting scheduled to revisit any of the information in the initial meeting.

The Follow Up

The follow up meetings can be done on a weekly basis or even once a month, which should be detailed in the performance improvement plan. Meetings should always discuss any progress that is made and what areas could still use a bit of improvement.

No matter what the outcome may be, there will be a better chance for improvement and well rounded employees as long as there is a decent employee performance improvement plan put into effect. These are plans that can be structured to meet up with the needs of the company and can be part of a wonderful employee training and development program that will help to better your staff as a whole. Once a plan is in place, you will find that addressing workplace issues will be a whole lot easier.