4 Signs Your Business Doesn’t Care Enough About Quality Control

4 Signs Your Business Doesn't Care Enough About Quality Control

You might have the best marketing department in the world. But if your business isn’t monitoring the quality of its product, its reputation will suffer. Of course, not all businesses are in a position to have sophisticated quality control processes. Small businesses can’t just go out and hire a bunch of math PhDs to crunch their performance numbers. But that doesn’t mean that you can get away without having any quality control processes at all. Let’s take a look at some signs your business doesn’t care enough about quality control.

You Don’t Keep Track Of Process Performance

The first step toward better quality control starts with collecting data. Data are what will allow you to make an informed decision about whether or not your processes are actually working in the way you intend. Data collection doesn’t have to be as in-depth as what the large enterprises do. But it should be enough to tell you whether you’re doing a better job than you were doing before.

You Don’t Keep Track Of Process Performance

Also, make sure that everybody who collects data in your organisation does so in the same way. Consistency across your organisation will allow you to generate comparable data. Of course, it’s labour-intensive work. But having a clear sense of where your company needs to improve is worth the investment of time.

You Don’t Identify Quality Issues

As a business, you shouldn’t leave a single stone unturned. There’s always something that is negatively affecting the quality of your product. Manufacturers, for instance, might be suffering excessive levels of product breakage. Thus, they might need to switch to a gentler cable conveyor system. Insurers might be losing too many customers because of poor customer support services. Therefore, they may need to hire more operators. Hairdressers might be losing customers because of lack of staff training.

But, more often than not, quality issues are swept under the carpet. Or worse, colleagues are punished for reporting an issue. These sorts of practices make it harder for your company to improve on a process. And so the best companies are always looking for helpful feedback on their procedures.

4 Signs Your Business Doesn't Care Enough About Quality Control

Fixing Problems Isn’t A Priority

Most people in business are forgiving. They know that processes aren’t perfect and that people occasionally make mistakes. But what they won’t tolerate are firms who don’t attempt to address their grievances. Customers who complain about quality want to know that their quality issues will be resolved. Companies that grow sustainably focus on their existing customers. Firms that putter out forget about their existing clients, preferring to find new ones. Concentrating on gaining new business at the expense of older business is a surefire way to burn through your base.

You Don’t Put New Procedures In Place

When companies identify problems, they shouldn’t just sit on their laurels. They need to find a fix that prevents the problem from happening again. Of course, getting rid of the problem altogether isn’t always possible. But doing something that minimises the extent of the problem almost always is. Don’t shoot for perfection. But roll out a solution quickly that addresses eighty percent of the problem.