Bored with Blogging! What to Do Next?

bored with blogging


bored with blogging

Are You Bored with Blogging? If your Answer is Yes then you should take a little break from blogging in-order to avoid any circumstances which may even lead to end of your blogging hobby. Many blogger quit blogging just because they don’t see any traffic growth to their blog, some of them are worried about their earnings while others don’t have time and resources to keep their blog alive for a long duration. Every blog needs some time and most important hard work, So if you think you can achieve huge traffic without your hard word, then you are wrong my friend.

Continuously blogging for a long time can have various side effect such as stress on your back, eye strains obesity and it even interfere with your writing quality and imagination power.

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Say No to Boredom! But How?

There are many ways to fight boredom and again engage with your blog. First find out what other things you would like to do after blogging, make a list and start doing those things. If nothing helps, follow below proven methods and you will leave boredom in your past.

Read blogs Related to your Niche

You can always take help with other blogger related to your niche and try to Socialize with them. You can also get interesting idea from related blogs and forums. If you are out of Ideas you can always take help from Google such as Google related search can help you to choose Title for your Article.


Create account with different Social Networking Sites and try to engage with other bloggers, make some friends and ask them how to they avoid boredom. Millions of people avoid boredom by being online on Social Networks. You can also join Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and Google+ groups related to your website.

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Do Some Physical Work

Have you thought of doing some physical work in between your long durations of Blogging. Go for a walk  or spend some time in your local gym. Swimming also helps to reduce stress and boredom and it is scientifically proven. You can also Listen to Music Underwater while swimming this will also help to overcome your boredom and stress at the same time by using Underwater Audio devices such as waterproof music players.

After a break you can return to your blogging life. Eventually there is an end to every boredom, the thing is you need to keep trying hard to do what you always wanted to do. You will never know the secrets to avoid boredom until you try something different.

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  1. First of all thanks VISHAL VERMA for this article
    i think the most critical time in the blogging life comes when you see a magical drop in your blog traffic
    as you know whether we talk about earning or popularity we need traffic
    i was struggling in this field and finally i made a blog and work hard on it
    my traffic was reached to almost 4000 page views but all of sudden in these two days my traffic reached to 500 Pageviews
    this is the time when blogger quits
    Fahud Mahmood
    [email protected]

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