Hosting Raja – The Best Web Host for Indian websites

Hosting Raja – The Best Web Host for Indian websites

I have been into the field of blogging and internet marketing for more than three years. As it is my primary business, I have got many websites that are hosted with different hosting providers to get more sponsored reviews and articles because clients mostly don’t want links from sites that hosted on the same IP. Due to this, I have taken hosting from multiple web hosts. I made sure that every web host is good and offers 100% uptime.

Everything was good, but at the time of renewal I thought that I should go for cheaper alternatives as the cost of renewals were high. At the same time, I was concern about the quality service.

Few months back, one of my friends suggested me to check out Hosting Raja that claims to be the best web hosting provider in India. My first expression was “Forget it, everyone claims to be number one!”. But, as I was frustrated about the renewal cost, I thought that if I get one hosting at a cheaper rate then maybe I can save some money. With this thought, I have bought an unlimited plan from Hosting Raja in which I got one free domain as well.

Hosting Raja – The Best Web Host for Indian websites

To my surprise, they are more than awesome. I haven’t seen any other Indian web hosting company is providing such a fantastic service at affordable cost. After a few months of use, I can say that just don’t go with famous names, and try out Hosting Raja once, and I am sure you will not regret of choosing it.

Let me share some highlights of Hosting Raja:

Affordable Price yet high-quality service: I am using Hosting Raja just because of their high-quality services at cheap prices. Otherwise, I noticed that if you get a cheaper hosting, their services are cheap quality as well. But, Hosting Raja has no such issues. They work quite well; at least for me it’s awesome.

Business email hosting: This is a great feature of Hosting Raja. If you need email hosting, you can get that too from them. It is again at very affordable prices.

Offer all Popular Server: It offers all popular servers such as VPS server, cloud server, and dedicated server.

Fast, responsive customer support: You can get help from support team by the call, chat or email. Their response is quick, and that is what every user wants because, at a time when you are into the issue, you want a quick reply from the host.

Free Domain: Hosting Raja offers a free domain of your choice (subject to availability) with all hosting plans.

Hosting Raja – The Best Web Host for Indian websites

You can save the cost of buying a domain if you sign up for any hosting plans.

Final words:

Hosting Raja is a fast growing web hosting company in India that offers high-quality services at cheaper rates. The company has been in the business for around ten years so that you can count on them. They have grown up so much in these years to offer exceptional services to the customers.

I would recommend Hosting Raja to everyone who has a tight budget. Try them once, and you won’t regret the decision.