Aviate Homescreen Review and Get Invitation Code

Aviate Review and Get Invitation Code

Another app has come into market with lots of promises. According to Aviate Launcher it will make our life much easier by customizing the apps that we usually use.

Aviate Review and Get Invitation Code

From the time we wake up till the time we go to bed we don’t have to worry about the app we use because it will automatically pull up the app for us time to time.

Aviate Invite code

It doesn’t have different screen so the home screen displays the apps or the widgets that you use daily. This one is an intelligent app as it senses the likes and dislikes of the user of the phone and acts accordingly. But the phone is still in beta only so, everybody can download the app.

If you want to start using the app then you need to get the invite code otherwise it will be of no use. There are certain site/blog from where you can get the invite code and if some of your friend has got it then ask for the code an get started with the interesting app. Its a Good News for Our Blog readers that we are Sharing Aviate Invite Code to those who share this Post on Social Network and Comment below with their email id on which they want Invitation Code.

A lot of people already got Invite code from our Other AndoidGalaxy Blog. Since we don’t have hundred’s of code, so all you need to do is just comment below with Mail ID and we will send an Invite code to that mail, after that you need to share 3 Invite codes to commenter below your comment. Aviate allow to share 5 Invite code, so we are asking only 3 out of those 5.

Simplified use of apps through Aviate Launcher

Aviate will let you use the apps without getting into much hassle as it opens up the apps that you use generally without wasting much time. Starting from morning till the time you go to bed you will see that the apps opening up at the time you generally use. Like just after the morning alarm goes off, if you log into your email account to check mails then this app will open up your mail account as soon as you put your alarm off.

Therefore, it would save you time and effort both. It will categorize your use automatically depending on what time of the day you are using which app and it will operate that way. This is a good option for sorting out your messy home-screen too. All the cluster of apps will be sorted out and the apps that you rarely use will not be there in your homescreen everything will be replaced with centered wallpaper which is customizable.

Three customized images as wallpaper on homescreen

From morning till night you will have customized wallpaper with three different images on the screen. When you tap on the first or the top most images then you will get the weather condition and so on. The lower section will of the Aviate Launcher will provide you with the apps like contacts, message, Facebook, Google search and settings.

Three different modes of this app are Home, Office and Going somewhere. Depending on the apps timing that you have set it will automatically switch itself between apps.

Almost like a helping hand in motion

While you are driving it will provide you with the direction and will update the traffic information too. If you are planning for a dinner then it will give you the review of your restaurant and the photos of that place.

It is user friendly with simple navigation, no complex design, and homescreen adapts automatically as per user’s interest and lifestyle making the Aviate Launcher a major hit among the busy professionals.

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