Why You Should Order A New Time Clock Ribbon

The 5 Marks of Quality Business Signage

Accurate printing from a time clock reduces payroll errors and other critical issues. These can include delivery or receiving times and building entry or exit times. When ribbons become frayed or overused, numbers cannot print properly. The best solution is to order a new ribbon for the time clock. Since there are many different types of clocks and ribbons, having a contract with a company that supplies multiple varieties is a good investment.

The 5 Marks of Quality Business Signage

A time clock ribbon company should be able to provide and deliver the ribbon in a timely fashion. For emergencies, a great company can deliver the same day, next day or as soon as possible. As an example, a time clock ribbon order today should be ready to ship today or on tomorrow’s first pickup. The client should have the ribbon with a minimum of stress.

There are different types of time clock ribbons; there is no one-size-fits-all product. Some ribbons are wound on reels while others are in cassettes. There are those that resemble typewriter cartridges and others are closer to printer cartridges. It is not possible to make any ribbon fit into a clock that it was not designed for. Incorrect ribbons cause delays for companies and the ribbon supplier.

If the supply official orders from a company such as timeclockshop.com, he or she can easily find a ribbon for each of the company’s time clocks. If the needed ribbon is not found on the site, a quick email or call to the company can solve the problem. It is possible that one type of ribbon is produced by various manufacturers with different parts numbers. Keeping track of all the parts numbers for each clock’s ribbons will help expedite future orders.

A company can save the most money by ordering ribbons for all of the time clocks from a single company. Saving money on shipping and taxes is possible and a ribbon supplier may offer discounts for bulk orders. Instead of reusing old ribbons, replacing all the company’s time clocks or spending money on a different system, ordering the right ribbon from a reputable company is easier and less expensive.