A Guide to Improving Your Website for the Customer

A Guide to Improving Your Website for the Customer

When you have a business website, you want your customer to like it so much that they continue to come back to you. However, they won’t do that if you fail to focus on things that can make their experience more pleasant. Showing that you care about the customer is key to having them come back again and again. Here’s a guide to improving your website for the customer:

Make the Buying Process Easier

The easier the buying process is, the more likely a customer is to buy. There are lots of different ways you can do this depending on what you already do. As a rule, you should never force a customer to sign up, as something like this can instantly make them change their minds about buying from you. You should also offer more ways to pay, such as PayPal. A Service like conversion rate optimisation can help you to improve this process along with others to make more people buy.

Get Feedback

Get feedback from customers and listen to them. You can do this by asking if they’ll do a survey, monitoring how they use your site currently, and more. The more you take their feedback on board and use it, the better your site will be for them. They’ll appreciate that you’ve listened and come back again.

Make it Easy to Read

Is your site easy to read on all platforms? Some fonts can be difficult to make out on certain screens, and might not be for everybody. Make sure you’ve picked a font that is easy to read on every platform so that there’s no confusion.

Fill With Useful Information

Your website should be filled with useful information. Make sure you continue to add content to it regularly to, to encourage your customers to keep coming back. If they enjoy the information you post on your site, they are far more likely to share it with others. This means you’ll get more exposure and traffic. It’ll take time to build up a loyal following, but it’ll be worth it.

A Guide to Improving Your Website for the Customer

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Make the Most of White Space

You don’t need to fill every part of your site with words or a graphic. Infact, you should make the most of white space. It gives viewers eyes a break and can make the site look far more attractive.

Use Attractive Pictures

Attractive pictures automatically attract more people to your site and make people more likely to share. Whether these are pictures of your team or your products, they should be decent quality and attractively laid out.


You need to continue to experiment with your site to work out what works best. You can change colours, fonts, sizes, layout, and other things to get an idea of what your customers prefer. Continue to do this and you’ll have a site they love!

Use these tips and your customer will love the improvements on your site. It isn’t a one time thing though; you’ll need to do this regularly to make sure your site is fulfilling its purpose.