Best Mobile Trends in 2013

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Mobile Trends In 2013

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A penguin foams past the biology.  Most notably, a number of the exceptionally popular mobile trends from 2012 have since fallen by the wayside making room for more increasingly favoured options. Daily you can see new technology in the field of mobile communication is evolving.

From trendy apps, to smart new mobile marketing strategies, the trends in 2013 are already boosting the industry and proving that new ideas are always on the horizon. For those in marketing and various other areas of business, the potential that these trends have for your company offer new opportunities to appeal products or services to many new demographics.

Trendy Mobile Apps

When it comes to the mobile industry, apps are abundant and seem to be ever changing. While some stand the test of time, other mobile apps simply cycle through as top trends. So far in 2013, apps like Megapolis, Vine, and Instagram have been immensely popular with mobile device users. With the latter two apps relating to social networking, and the former residing as a gaming app, these trends in mobile technology have captivated users over a broad range of mobile devices.

For those unfamiliar with Megapolis, it is a city-builder game that allows users to build and design their own sprawling city. The recent popularity of this app has reached four stars on the App Store as reviewed by thousands of users. Vine and Instagram, on the other hand, represent the increasing power of social media on mobile devices. The potential for such has made many mobile marketing agencies stop and take notice of the advertising opportunities on apps on all kinds, not just social media and gaming. The truth is, however, these are two of the most popular categories of mobile applications, and subsequently present the largest audience for mobile marketers.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing, as it relates to the aforementioned apps, among others, is developing into a booming industry. As the user base of many mobile devices and apps continues to increase, more and more businesses are enlisting mobile marketing agencies to appeal their products to particular demographics. For instance, a children’s toy store may list an ad on a gaming app with a high number of young users, or similarly, a hotel chain may target travelling business professionals by placing an ad on a relevant app.

Furthermore, applications are not the only ones being used to target mobile device users. Similarly, many mobile websites designed specifically for mobile devices, are featuring ads of everything from retail clothing stores to luxury cars.

If you are looking to target the marketing of a product or service to specific demographics through the use of mobile devices, there are different ways to do so. More specifically, you can place your ads on mobile apps, websites, or both. While using both mobile mediums will ensure you reach the broadest audience through the most mobile devices, it can easily inflate your advertising budget. Generally, it is worth the expense, as not all mobile device users want to download an app, which means they will be more likely to see your ad on a mobile website.

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