Must Have Travel Gadgets

Must Have Travel Gadgets

Many of us love the idea of hitting the open road and soaking up the sights as we drive across the country but the real fact of the matter is that many of us would get bored. We rely so much on the latest gadgets to keep us entertained in our day-to-day lives and why should it have to be any different during long journeys?

Must Have Travel Gadgets

Here are some of the must have gadgets to help pass the time and make the trip plain sailing the next time you take to the road.


An obvious one perhaps but having your phone with you stops you from feeling out of the loop even when you are cooped up in your car for hours on end. Obviously make sure to use a hands free device if you are the driver and you plan on making or taking any calls but as long as you keep your phone by your side, you at least don’t have to worry about missing any important calls or emails while in transit.


A satnav, short for satellite navigation system, or sometimes known as a GPS, is a small, electronic device that works as an interactive map by tracking your location and guiding you towards your desired destination. The best way to reduce overly long journeys is to take the best and most direct route which this will automatically find for you meaning that with a satnav, you need never get lost or have to pull over and argue over which way up the map should be again.


If you plan to do some work during a journey, watch a movie or want access to the internet, then a tablet or netbook is a great option. Smaller and more lightweight than a traditional laptop, they are ideal for travelling and if you have an e-reader such as a Kindle or a Kobo (or an e-reader app for another handheld device) you can save yourself the hefty weight of lugging around a load of books to keep you occupied throughout your trip.

iPod/MP3 Player

We all love some good music while we drive but one of the biggest distractions to drivers is trying to change music while on the road. This is where technology can make life safer and easier, as connecting your ipod or MP3 player to your car will allow you to play your favourite songs and playlists without the need to try and awkwardly fumble with CDs.

Digital recorder

If you happen to be travelling for work, a digital recorder is a great tool to have with you. If you have any sudden, important thoughts, or need to make a reminder of something, rather than have to pull over and write it down, you can simply record a brief audio message. Recorders are also therefore great for anyone who is perhaps travelling for an extended period of time who wants a quick and easy way to blog or document their experiences.


The traveller’s best friend, a camera is the easiest and arguably most effective way to keep track of your journey as you progress along your way. Snapshots in time of wonderful memories you want to retain for the future and a constant reminder of any stunning sights you happen to pass along your way, pictures really do often speak louder than words and in its simplest form, keeping an eye out for any worthy shots is a great way to pass the time.

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    1. Most of the SmartPhones offers these facilities but the thing is If you really want to enjoy your Holiday pics then you need to shoot it with Professional Camera or Standalone Camera.. likewise you can’t travel to unknown place with just your Phone’s navigation system..


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