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Social media is an area that is continually changing and expanding, especially the world of Twitter. With multiple businesses and corporations joining Twitter and using it as an integral part of their marketing campaigns, what are the top trends in Twitter marketing for 2013? These three trends are going to be the staples of marketing companies in the current year.

Marketing Turns Upside Down

Sure, it may seem as though businesses should be responsible for their own marketing campaigns. However, with the arrival of Twitter, it’s now possible to let the customer base be in charge of that. In 2013, consumers are going to be the marketers with the ability to re-tweet their businesses and product’s favorite posts. Twitter allows for a huge web of connectivity between users and while one business may only be able to reach a few hundred people who follow them on Twitter, if their followers re-tweet or comment on that business, then literally thousands of people will be brought into the conversation. This is one of the main reasons why Twitter works incredibly well for businesses today who are trying to market themselves with limited resources.

SEO Shifts

It’s fairly common for companies to focus on the tricks of the trade. By making their websites full of filler content that will give them better website ranking, they can easily grow their business through shady tactics. However, with the arrival of social media sites, more and more companies have to spend money on marketing. Twitter is a great site for that since it has limited room for companies to post information about their business. Instead of trying to rank with common SEO tactics, businesses today are trying different strategies to be noticed. Being able to attract a customer to view the site is one thing, but as consumers are more available of their choices through the expanse of social media, businesses are focusing more on the quality of their marketing strategies. Twitter forces excellent marketing strategies to emerge with its limited information.

Social Channels Integrate and Align

The internet is a great way for people to learn more about new products, services, and businesses out there today. Today, businesses are using Twitter to not only attract customers, but to follow similar businesses, connecting with a larger stream of influence. Instead of being separated into individual campaigns, companies are following each other on Twitter, learning from each other, with mutual benefits. A person interested in mountain climbing may follow a mountain climbing supply store and find links to mountain climbing organizations, network with other mountain climbers, or simply find greater resources and connectivity through the site. Not only is this trend great for businesses, it also helps customers to find greater opportunities through Twitter.

Other than to buy Twitter followers, these are some of the top Twitter marketing trends in 2013. Social media is changing the way that people conduct business and Twitter is a main influence in marketing trends today. Although the idea for Twitter was remarkably similar, it’s grown into an amazingly influential tool.

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