Expanding Social Activity Using Chat Tools

Chat Tools

Chat Tools

With the advent of technology, there have been heightened activities at the social scene. People and businesses have found out that it is easier to meet old friends, meet new ones, get business acquaintances, interact with customers among others using chat tools. Any social media worth its name will integrate a chat tool on its platform where its members will be interacting on matters business, politics, romance, religion, sports and fashion.

With new chat tools such as Zinzzchat.com complementing old chat tools such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Skype and Team viewer, we are looking at a triple or quadruple of the social activity in the next few years. But how does this chat tools manage to pull such big masses to their fold?

Ease of Exchanging Information

It’s relatively easier and quicker to exchange information on a chat tool platform. Take an example of Zinzzchat.com where people can easily exchange ideas from their smart phone. Traditionally, this would take no less than a meeting being held in order to brainstorm. In terms of; speed, cost, flexibility and comfort; chat tools have really made it fun to exchange information, thereby encouraging more social activity.

Social Experience Personalized

Emotions, experiences, and activities are given a personal touch in chat rooms. It is a less formalized way of expressing one’s feelings. A status update on a Facebook account will communicate to more people than the formal communications. It may also reflect the true position of an individual compared to writing a formal letter where people tend to hold back their true feelings.

Due to the ability of chat tools on such platforms as Facebook, twitter, and Skype to evolve with the change of moods and feelings of their users, new generations of tech savvy business leaders are able to shape their strategies using the data aggregated on them. The anonymity given by chat room users tends to make them less timid in speaking their mind. This has slowly increased the social activity to momentous levels.

Informal Learning

There is no single place that one can acquire a lot of knowledge at no cost than in chat rooms. A single status update on twitter can provoke a huge debate, with people from diverse backgrounds commenting on it and thus bringing different perspectives on the debate. This makes chat tools an informal learning minefield.

Chat tools users have used these platforms to educate their peers on different important matters, thus growing their social profile.


The world is no longer divided by the national boundaries. People from all races, nations, education backgrounds, religions, and economic status meet on the social scene using the chat tools. In a way, the world has become more tolerant of other people’s ways of life due to the constant exchange of opinions on the chat tools. It is easier to trade with people from various parts of the world by interacting with them on the social media.

It is easier to anticipate problems in the society by reading the sentiments of people in the chat rooms. Chat tools will continually shape the social activity the world over in the foreseeable future. It is up to individuals to embrace this technology and expand their scope socially!

Justin is a young full time internet guru. He like search in the web new tools that help small business to increase social activity and web site traffic. @Justinny.