Phones For Kids Of All Ages

Phones For Kids Of All Ages

Tired of hearing your kid complain about the latest in a series of pink phones that she just has to have? Sick of your child telling you that everyone else’s mum and dad let them have a phone? Then maybe it’s time that you gave in. Truthfully, the majority of children nowadays do have a cell phone, and there are some pretty compelling reasons to let your kid be among them.

Phones For Kids Of All Ages

The convenience of being able to reach your child within seconds is without par, and the idea that your kid can reach you when he needs you is comforting. No more panicking when he doesn’t get off the school bus (it’s ok, he just missed it again), no worries if you’re a few minutes late picking him up from football practise.

There’s definitely a lot to be said for letting your kids have a cell phone. However, there are obviously down sides as well. Spiralling mobile phone bill costs, the threat of text bullying, or the ability to access inappropriate material over the internet are all concerns when thinking about kids and phones. But if done properly, a kid’s phone should be more of a benefit than a burden. Here’s what to think about for kids of all different ages…

Very Young Kids…

Yes, even a young child can have a phone. In fact, many mobile service providers have phones that are specifically designed for very young kids. These phones are usually extremely simple with a limited number of buttons. As a parent you key in the two or three phone numbers that the phone can call and receive from, and then calls are one touch. Designed to be used more in case of emergency than as a cell phone, these hand sets are great for young warriors. Actually, they’re more like a walkie-talkie than a phone.


The main thing to think about when buying a phone for a ‘tween is to make it a pre-paid one. Pay as you go phones will limit your ‘tween’s ability to rack up a huge bill. Once the credit is spent, it’s gone, and the phone won’t work until more credit is added. However, there are other things to consider. All phones nowadays have some kind of parental lock. Educate yourself. Learn how to block certain sites through the internet browser on a smartphone, learn how to prevent messages from being completely deleted until you have checked them, learn how to prevent calls from unknown numbers. Phones are pretty safe, but they’re not always, so it’s better to protect your kid now, as much as they may complain about you doing it, than pay for it later.

Older Kids…

Once your kid has proven himself responsible with his phone use, it might be time to consider a family plan. Most phone service providers have family plans, and they enable all of you to save money. If the whole family is in on the plan you usually get free calling to each other, plus as the contract signer you get the bill and will be able to see any charges that come up on your kid’s phone.

Phil Turner has two granddaughters who do not understand the value of money. Phil hopes that buying them pink phones for their upcoming birthdays on PAYG will start to teach them that everything has a cost.