Don’t Leave Your Pebble Watch Naked – Keep It Covered With A Precision Cut Wrap

Don't Leave Your Pebble Watch Naked - Keep It Covered With A Precision Cut Wrap

If you’ve received a Pebble Watch recently by a loved one, you might be torn between loving it and wanting to hide it away. While it’s an impressive smartwatch with a long list of valuable capabilities, it’s not the greatest looking watch in the world. You’re not alone in these thoughts, as plenty of its users boast the 7-day battery life, the e-paper display, and the iOS and Android capability, but fall silent when it comes to its design.

Don't Leave Your Pebble Watch Naked - Keep It Covered With A Precision Cut Wrap

Since this is a gift, you can’t exactly keep it in your sock drawer forever and not expect to hear about it. Luckily there is a better alternative that will help you avoid that awkward situation. For those discerning Pebble Watch owners who want a little more style and sophistication, there’s a way to upgrade your smartwatch to reflect the technology that it holds inside. A Pebble Watch wrap can take your smartwatch from the status-quo and make it a reflection of you.

You don’t want your watch to look like everyone else’s. When you’re meeting new people and shaking hands, it’ll be one of the very first things that people will notice, so you want to make sure your smartwatch can be a fashionable addition to your attire. A plain, naked Pebble around your wrist is a little boring at the least and at worst a direct violation of your style.

Pebble Watch wraps are your answer to an ugly watch design. Its smooth application will transform your geeky looking watch and turn it into something different. With several colours and textures to choose from, you can mix and match according to your wardrobe. By complementing the available wristbands that Pebble supplies, you can totally change the look of the watch. People won’t even know it’s a Pebble. Match a sophisticated leather band with a mahogany wrap, and you’ve created a classic look to an ultra-modern watch.

These wraps will also be protecting the watch from wear and tear, as the vinyl material takes on any scratches, dents, or grime that your Pebble would otherwise endure. Once you’ve scuffed up the wrap enough, you can peel it off (without worrying about residue) and reveal a mint-condition watch underneath. Replacing the wrap won’t break the bank, as for as little as $5 you can get a customized wrap sent to your door.

If your loved one is asking about the Pebble they gave you, then you shouldn’t delay any longer. Open up your computer or tablet and search for the best collection at Pebble wraps are easy to find when you keep in mind you want precision cut 3M vinyl material. And the best names in vinyl wraps will have a build-a-wrap function that allows you to see your unique colour and texture combination so you know what to expect before your package arrives.

So avoid having an awkward conversation about why the Pebble is too ugly to be worn, and please your loved one by showing off the gift they so thoughtfully bought you. Only a Pebble wrap can make everyone happy, so get yours today!