How to be More Attractive to Employers in a Competitive Job Market

Important Questions You Must Ask Yourself When Starting A Business

Job-hunting is a process fraught with difficulties. There are a thousand and one ways you can mess up a job application, from misspelling the company’s name to answering competency skills questions wrong. They key to success is to make yourself as attractive as possible to an employer. Just because you have a Six Sigma Master Black Belt qualification on your resume, it doesn’t mean the job is a forgone conclusion. Here are some things you can do to make yourself more attractive to an employer.

Important Questions You Must Ask Yourself When Starting A Business

Read the Skills Profile Carefully

There is little point in applying for a job when you don’t have the right skills. This is a waste of your time and that of the employer. Read the skills profile very carefully before filling in an application form. Employers generally list essential skills and desirable skills. Ideally, you should be able to tick all the boxes on the first list and quite a few on the second. There is no harm applying for a job where you need to learn new skills, but it will put you at a disadvantage compared to other candidates.

Improve Your Education

The more education and qualifications you have, the better. Employers love to see a candidate who has taken the time to study and learn new skills. It shows that the person is forward thinking and keen to learn. Being self-motivated is desirable and any extra skills you have taken the time to learn will definitely enhance your resume.

Be Flexible

Always be flexible when applying for new jobs. If you are willing to relocate or job-share, say so. This will help your application and make the employer think you are a “can do” person.

Practice Your Interview Skills

Interview skills take time to learn. Different employers have different ways of doing things, but the same questions and interview techniques tend to come up repeatedly. If you have no clue about what to expect, research online. Websites such as Glassdoor offer a wealth of information about larger employers and interview reviews.

Make a note of questions you can expect at the interview and come up with some answers. Competency questions are more difficult, but as long as you have a selection of different situations you can refer back to, you should be OK. Again, read the skills profile and find out what skills the employer is looking for, as this will dictate the types of questions you are asked.

Have a Professional Online Identity

Don’t forget to check your online presence. Most employers look for a candidate’s online profiles before they make any final decision. If your Facebook is full of questionable posts and photos, it could affect your chances of scoring a job, so remove any content that portrays you in a bad light and try not to post any more in future.

Follow the above tips and you will have a better chance of finding the right position in a competitive marketplace.