Best Blog Hosting Platform

3 Sources of Inspiration for your Business' Blog Content

Blogging is like sharing thoughts with the world on any given topic and also getting feedback from others on what they thought about your opinion. It all started on a slow pace but now it as caught on like a wild fire in the forest as anyone and almost everyone is blogging. The topics vary from general day to day activity topics to much more serious topics on current affairs.

Best Blog Hosting Platform

Now among so much of hustle bustle if you want your voice to be heard by everybody then you must make your voice the loudest so that everybody sit up and take notice of you. How will you do that? Go to some of the blogging sites that are most popular these days and make your pick.

If you want to know which of the blog hosting sites are among the top 5 then read on

This can be easily termed as the giant in the blogging arena as it is downloaded more than 45 million times and has powered almost 19% of the web. This blog site is going strength to strength due to the presence of some of the creative brains who have made possible different customizations and tweaks enabling the users to add some sophisticated features to their blogs.

They can even provide a whole new look to the layout or redesign it as per their likings. Customization is the main feature out of the various other ranges of options that are holding back its followers. It also provides the users the option to develop a sophisticated website for themselves but it might seem complex to a relatively new user so you need to be aware of all the features before trying out.

This is the easiest one to use and for a first timer this is the best platform to start their blogging journey. You can customize new backgrounds and layout easily in blogger without any help. If you want to make some money out of blogging ten also it will serve your purpose due to some of its features.

This has lost out to many new kids on the block as it is connected to Google and also because it doesn’t have much sophisticated features attached to it. You will find the layouts quite old and backdated and also the customization options are also limited as compared to some of the new sites.


Through BlueHost you will have hassle free blog hosting. They provide 24 hour live chat support so that they can help you out at any point of time. The best part of this is that you don’t have to wait for a longer time to get assistance from the technician but by any chance if all of them are busy then they will let you know that how long it will take you to get through one of them.


This one saves money and is easy to set up. You will get the value of your money and will definitely add value to your blogging. So start with it today.

So you are already jotting down your thoughts in Evernote then helps in publishing those thoughts of yours. As you use computer or mobile phone for storing all your thoughts therefore you will have full control over the content and publishing them becomes easy through

So selecting the blog hosting depends on whether you want to share your thoughts with a huge base or you just want to do it within a community.