Awesome Ways To Secure Your Office Building

CCTV Cameras

When businesses talk about security, they often mean they cyber security. Thanks to the Internet, businesses have made great strides, yet they are more vulnerable than ever. The result: they invest more in online security than they do physical security. Yes, it is important to secure all of your files and data on your server. But, you shouldn’t forget about your physical safety either. Just because it is 2016 doesn’t mean that a burglar won’t try their luck and break into your offices. They will as they are opportunists with nothing to lose. For that reason, you need to start taking your office building’s security more seriously. Here are a few tips that will make your premises more secure than Fort Knox.

Monitored Alarm System

An alarm is the first deterrent you think of when it comes to securing any building. But, a normal alarm isn’t going to do the trick. Most thieves know how to bypass a regular alarm without breaking a sweat. You want a monitored alarm that sends a signal, via the internet or landline, to a monitoring station. The station then detects the silent alarm and notifies the police who will be on the scene as soon as possible. Some even have private security teams that they dispatch so that you don’t have to wait.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV CamerasThere is no better deterrent than CCTV cameras. You will notice the word ‘cameras’ and not ‘camera’ because one isn’t enough. One camera will only survey a small surface area, either at the front, side or back of your building. A thief can easily bypass one camera and make his or her way to the part of the house that isn’t in its scope. A good CCTV setup has three to four cameras to minimize the blind spots. Dummy cameras are a good idea if that is too expensive. A burglar can’t know for sure when a camera is live or inactive, which means they can’t take the chance. The resolution is so good nowadays that you would be easily able to make out their face.

Voice Activation System

Talk about new age! An intercom system is a great piece of tech for any business because it is difficult to fool. Unless you have their voice, you aren’t getting through the door. Obviously, that is good for you as you can tailor your security to your staff. That means that anyone who doesn’t work for you can’t get in the building. Web pages like are a good place to start. Alternatively, you can use the intercom system in conjunction with the CCTV cameras. Anyone that wants to get in has to buzz and deal with the security guard who uses the cameras to check their credentials. Again, this is a pretty solid security feature.

Change The Locks Regularly

One way to ensure your security is to promote randomness. When you make random changes, no one can predict what you will do next. Take changing the locks as an example. If you keep the same locks for years, anyone can obtain a key and let themselves into your office. But, if you change the locks every couple of weeks, the key will likely be out of circulation. The same goes for any codes or passwords that you use to get into the building. Make sure that they are random codes, though. If they are predictable, they are insecure, and you might as well announce them to the public every week.

Light Up The Exterior

Light Up The Exterior

Exterior lighting is so simple and effective. It works because thieves can’t take the chance of being caught in the act. And, the light makes them visible to anyone that is in the area. They prefer dark and quiet places where they can take their time without anyone noticing any untoward behavior. All you need to do is illuminate the dark areas outside of your building so that there is nowhere to hide. Head to links like and take a look at their solutions. You will find everything from lantern lights to flood lights. A tip: go with the most powerful option. Powerful lights are more effective than the other options.

Call The Police

You don’t have to report a crime to talk to the police. Of course, there are the first people you will contact, but they are more than an emergency service. They are also a good source of information, especially with regards to crime. A police officer will tell you which parts of your building a burglar will target to break in and cause damage. In basic terms, they will show you the strong and weak parts of your security. With this info, you can strengthen the weak points to ensure that every part of your building is safe and secure. Call them and ask them if they can give you a consultation or if they can recommend anyone.

Join A Business Watch

Think of a business watch as a neighborhood watch program. If you share your premises with nearby businesses, talk to them about joining forces to keep an eye on the each other’s premises. Then, you know that someone has got your back in case anything goes wrong. A business watch scheme is beneficial for both parties because everyone gains something. So, most owners will agree. In the interest of fairness, take turns in watching the premises and spread the workload. Or, you can all split the cost of hiring a night guard. That way, you outsource it to an external party and get a better quality of service.

Lock Up Everything Of Value

Lock Up Everything Of Value
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Sometimes, thieves will get through your defenses. Sorry to say, but they are good at their job. When that happens, you need to limit the damage. The key is to get your most valuable assets and store them in a safe. Hopefully, they won’t be able to get through the safe as long as it is a decent model. The other option is to store them off-site. The issue with this is that the off-site building needs to be as secure as your office building.