Best Antivirus for Small Businesses

Best Antivirus for Small Businesses

Nothing says trouble as much as picking up a virus because you allowed yourself to remain unprotected on the Internet. This goes double for a small business operator, especially if their data becomes compromised. With so many antivirus programs available to small businesses, the only decision to be made is which one to consider using for your computer system. Here are a few guidelines (in no particular order) to help you make an educated decision as far as which antivirus program will be the best one for your business.

Best Antivirus for Small Businesses

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Is my Email Safe?

One of the easiest ways for a virus to spread is through an email system, which is why the software you choose should be able to protect your emails and contacts. Unfortunately, most antivirus programs will not protect your online email system, however, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and F-Secure all give you protection for your outlook or outlook express.

What are the rates of success?

There are several attempts to hack into computers on an annual basis, businesses are a lot more vulnerable because they tend to have more money and assets to work with. One way to tell if an antivirus is good is if it catches these viruses and more importantly, what kind of success they have in their endeavors.

Bitdefender, Kaspersky and F-Secure all boast of 100% success rate apprehending known malware threats, while both Bitdefender and F-Secure have assured their customers that they have 100% success when it comes to detecting malware that has not become popular as yet.

What about the possibility of losing data?

Protecting your data should be the number one goal for all antivirus programs, yet it seems that Bitdefender and Kaspersky are the only two antivirus programs that have such a capability. Considering the fact that our data can determine the success (or failure) of our business, it should be a requirement before choosing a program that claims to protect you.

How easy is it to use an Antivirus program?

Many software programs, especially the ones that address several features at one time, will provide a dashboard of sorts. This dashboard gives the user the ability to manage all of the many features provided, making it easier to alter the modules as it becomes necessary.

Neither Bitdefender nor F-Secure offer such a feature, however Kaspersky does. It is notable that G Data, Symantec and Panda also provide such a dashboard, but without all the other features, the dashboard may not be quite enough.

What happens if I lose my computer?

Many of us are forced to live a very mobile life, a fact that could put our devices at risk. With the advent of Smartphones and tablets it is easy for these devices to fall into the wrong hands, especially if we end up accidentally leaving them somewhere en route. Bitdefender, Kaspersky and F-Secure all provide users with the ability to track down lost devices. If located, these devices can make it back to their owners in time to close the end of business day.

What happens if my laptop can’t be located?

Depending on the kind of business you are in, the data you have access to on your laptop could be sensitive. It can also be a problem if this data falls into the wrong hands. If you would prefer to avoid having your data falling into the wrong hands you can always have the computer locked and wiped.

At the very least this procedure would protect your data from falling into the wrong hands. Bitdefender, Kaspersky and F-Secure all provide the user with such a feature, so does Panda!

Can I use the same program on all my devices?

Most businesses have a variety of electronic devices like laptops, desktops, tablets and yes, even Smartphones. The average business owner would like to know that they can benefit from the same program on all of their devices, however, part of the problem is that there are at least 3 different major operating systems and that does not even include tablets and Smartphones. Once again, both Bitdefender and Kaspersky lead the pack in this area, to G Data, Symantec and Panda cover both PC’s and laptops.

Will I have enough room on my device for an Antivirus program?

Every software program you add to your computer requires additional space and that also applies to an antivirus program. If space is important to you then the programs that should be on the top of your list would be Kaspersky and F-Secure, if it is not, Bitdefender should be leading the charge.

If you need more information on any of these antivirus programs, or you have a different antivirus program in mind, then you might want to check out a few reviews before you decide to go shopping. So far, the top 3 is Bitdefender, Kaspersky and F-Secure.