A Beautiful Resume Website to Land the Job you Want

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In the advancement of technology over the last decade, the Digital resume is started to be used over word-based resume. Digital resume are easy to make and can be attached as word-based resume on Job portals and E mails. Digital resume is not about having profiles on social media like LinkedIn or Facebook cover page.

A Beautiful Resume Website to Land the Job you WantImage Credits Noodle Intranet

Use of social media has become old way, the new way to have a digital resume is to own a resume website or web portal which could be accessed and shared by anyone, anywhere over internet.

Building Beautiful Resume Website Online

Resume is the first data used by a recruiter for analysing the person’s qualification and interest. Resume should be simple and clean containing all the information. There have been several instances wherein the job applicant has been eliminated on the basis of the Resume. In fact, a professional Resume can help in creating an excellent first impression on the recruiter.

So, how does one go about getting a professional resume?

Broadly speaking, there are two ways of getting a professional resume:

  • Applications like MS Word

While this is a traditional and widely popular method of creating a Resume, a recent Forbes study has revealed that Resume Websites are gaining popularity and today recruiters prefer looking at them rather than an offline version of a resume.

  • Resume Website

Resume Websites are the “viewer’s choice” today. One of the easier ways to create your own resume website is with the help of a website maker like IM Creator, website builder, weebly and other available online web builders. Let us discuss briefly as to what is it that makes them attractive:

  • A Resume website created with the help of Website builders provides an insight into the overall personality of the candidate.
  • It also acts as a user-friendly, easy to use tool that assists the job applicant in making a customized profile
  • It enables the job seeker to include greater information about him or herself in the form of a video clip or an audio clip.
  • It can also be a forum where the job applicant can upload First Hand Insights (FHIs) of their previous co-workers or supervisors.
  • It can be a platform wherein the job applicant can upload sample work or references that a new employer may wish to look at.
  • It helps in highlighting the skills of the candidate
  • It saves time and money and also the trouble of multiple rounds of interview that are carried out to gauge the various skill-sets of a particular candidate
  • It creates a lasting impression about the awareness of the candidates and portrays a “tech savvy” perception

It is time that we upgrade ourselves to creating an overall profile on online Resume Websites with the help of simple and popular website makers like IM Creator, rather than solely relying upon offline Word or PDF resumes. In the years to come, we shall see the world moving towards online resume websites and offline resumes becoming obsolete.