Must Have Laptop Accessories for Small Business

Must Have Laptop Accessories for Small Business

When we are looking for a laptop we go through various specifications and analyze which one will suit our requirements the best. Compare the top laptops to see which one is offering what. We take into consideration why we are buying the laptop:

  • To carry out business work
  • Make a presentation
  • Work extensively
  • Playing games
  • Watching movies

Each of them need different specifications they serve the purpose. Now when we have the laptop, it requires some other accessories for smooth operation. When one buys laptop they do that mainly because they want to work on the go.

Must Have Laptop Accessories for Small Business

Therefore, it is very important that we take proper care of our laptop when we are taking it out or travelling with it. Here we are discussing the top 10 accessories which have become the ‘must have’ for any laptop:

  • Laptop bag – This is the first and foremost thing that is required to protect your laptop. Nowadays we cannot think of laptop without its bag. Gone are the days when the laptop bags were huge leather one that looked pretty boring. But now the laptop bags have gone for a makeover and it has now been trendy and comes in different colours. You will find some which are tailor made for your laptop model therefore it fits comfortably within. You can have the laptop bags with wheels if your laptop is amongst the heavier ones.
  • Extra battery – You will require extra battery especially when you are travelling and you need to complete some of your work on the go. Then if you work extensively, your battery is surely going to die out and that is when an extra battery will come in handy. The maximum life you will get out of a battery is 5 hours so it is always safer to have a spare one. Extra battery may be bulky to carry, instead you can upgrade your laptop’s battery with more powerful 6 or 9 cell.  I have Dell Studio 1555 Custom  and prefer dell laptop parts from either local retailer or order online if there is some discount.
  • Cooling Stand – Some laptops get heated up if you use it for a long period of time. At that point of time you won’t keep it on your lap and work, therefore it is very important that you have Laptop cooling stand to keep your laptop cool and running always. This one is important if you use your laptop significantly throughout the day.
  • Screen wipes – Our environment is filled with dust and pollution so you will find your screen, attracting dust every time you open it. If you don’t wipe the screen on a daily basis, then you would find it hard to look through. Keeping disposable wiping cloth will help you clean your screen without affecting it adversely. If you have a touch screen, then it becomes all the more important that you use the cleansing cloth to wipe off the fingerprints from the screen for smooth operation.
  • USB/ Wireless Mouse – If you are one of those users who find it easy to work with Mouse rather than track pads then you must have the wireless mouse with you. If you want to navigate through your work smoothly, then wireless mouse will be really handy, and you will be able to work comfortably too.
  • Keyboard skin – Most of us have snacks while working on the laptop. What it does is that without our knowledge some food particle falls on the keyboard and gets under the keys making it impossible to operate those keys. We will have to clean the keyboard and then only will it work smoothly. To avoid all these complications, it is better that you get a keyboard skin, which will protect it from all dust and food particles and let you work without any hindrance and will also keep moisture at bay thus protecting your keyboard and increasing its lifespan.
  • External speakers – If you don’t have strong speakers then it is advisable that you buy one for yourself so that you don’t have any problem in watching movies or listening to your favorite music on your laptop while you are working. Music is said to increase the concentration level and also relaxes you when you are stressed out. So, if you have good speakers then you will be able to enjoy all your favorite songs while preparing your presentation.
  • External Hard Disc – Even when you have the latest laptop with all the high end technology stuffed into it you can never guarantee that it will not crash. Therefore, it is better to be extra cautious about all your important data and take proper back up. If you are able to store it in an external hard disc, which you have good memory storage then if something happens to your laptop you are still safe. After rebooting you can always import all the data from your portable hard disc any time you want.
  • Spare charger – These are good option because there have been times when you have to leave in a hurry and the chargers are the most commonly forgotten things. But if you have a spare charger then you can always keep it in your laptop bag and that way you will ensure that you are never without a charger anywhere you travel.
  • USB Flash Drive – This USB flash drive is a great way of travelling with all the required information instead of carrying your laptop with you always. You know which information you need for the particular meeting so you upload all the information on the USB flash drive and you are good to go. It is not always possible for you to carry your laptop every time you move from one place to the other, therefore the portable USB drive will make your life easier and smart user too.

With all these accessories you can now get the optimum performance of your laptop. If you want to sit back and relax while you are working, then use the wireless mouse to click on one of the favorite albums of yours and enjoy the music with the external speaker.

Now with so many carry cases available you would love to own a laptop bag for your laptop to make a style statement with your laptop. Optimizing the performance of your laptop was never so easy with the cooling stand which will keep your laptop cool and you will be able to work uninterruptedly.

You can also opt for some external security devices or internal security module such as LoJack to ensure that your laptop is always safe and sound. This way you don’t need to worry about working in any public hotspot. Making use of all these laptop accessories you will enhance the performance of your laptop. As a matter of fact, some of the accessories will help you increase the longevity of the laptop too. So, enjoy your work on your laptop and all the accessories.