Why Instagram Should be in Your Marketing Strategy in 2019

Why Instagram Should be in Your Marketing Strategy in 2019

Back in 2010, Instagram started out just like any other social media website. Selfies, memes and cat pictures were basically all you could expect to see after signing up. Today, the social media giant has transformed into a full-blown marketing channel, facilitating the exchange of billions of dollars in ads, sponsorships and brand deals.

Perhaps more relevant to you is the fact that Instagram also makes for an excellent part of your marketing strategy in this day and age. In just the past year, Instagram has significantly improved the way you can do business on their platform, with features such as shoppable posts, advanced analytics and new ways to drive traffic where you want it.Why Instagram Should be in Your Marketing Strategy in 2019

Not convinced? Here’s why Instagram should be in your marketing strategy in 2019 and beyond.

Emphasis on Visuals

With Facebook, your feed usually contains a combination of articles, comments, posts and other media. This makes it easy for users to scroll past something without noticing. But with Instagram, there’s a complete focus on visuals, which means that as long as your pictures stand out, they’re bound to get some attention from the one billion+ user base.

Influencer Partnerships

As you may already know, influencers are playing a significant role in shaping Instagram’s current landscape. By partnering up with a reliable influencer (of which there are many across different niches), you can expose your product to millions of people, without the exuberant costs that come with traditional advertising methods.

Effective Audience Engagement

Instagram is hands-down one of the best platforms to engage with your customers. You can read their thoughts through the comments they make on your posts, speak directly to them through messages and gauge their interest in your posts through the amount of likes and shares you receive.

One of the key benefits this has for your business is that you can publicly address any issues that your customers may have with your products and services. If you can turn even the most unreasonable of complaints into constructive feedback, you can determine where improvements in your business can be made and improve your public image.

It’s Easy to Grow Your Presence

Even if you can’t afford to hire a social media manager for your Instagram profile, growing it isn’t a challenge. All you need to do is engage with your audience and produce quality content. Another great way to immediately boost your presence on Instagram is to increase your follower count. You can buy IG likes here at great prices to get started.

Instagram is Mobile

While you can access Instagram from your desktop, it’s far from usable. This, along with the mobile-oriented features of the platform owe to the fact that almost everyone uses it from their smartphones. With 80% of shoppers using mobile devices to compare prices and read product reviews, tapping into the mobile market as much as possible is a no-brainer.

It’s evident that Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for any type of business. If you haven’t hopped onto the bandwagon just yet, now is a better time than ever.