Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Is A Great Multitasking SmartPhone

Samsung galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung galaxy S3 Mini

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini was released in 2012, and this interesting Android smart phone has a processor that is dual core, and it has two cameras. One camera has 5 megapixels. The S3 Mini is a slim phone weighing only 111 grams. This compact phone also has a 4 inch screen with dimensions of 122x63x10mm. Even though this phone is considered small, it is packed with a lot of multitasking abilities.

This Mobile Phone Will Allow You to Share with All of Your Friends

In today’s world, most people live very busy lives that may prevent them from seeing friends and family on a regular basis. This does not have to keep the loved ones from knowing everything that is happening in their life. The S3 Mini will allow you to share photos, videos, and other files through two different technologies. NFC and AllShare Play are two preloaded features that will allow users to send different types of content to friends, family, and anyone else that owns certain compatible devices. People that own S3 Minis are a unique group of people of consumers.

The NFC technology will allow two users to simply place the backs of both phones together, and any picture, document, or video that you wish to share will be instantly transferred to the other phone.

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The AllShare Play app helps to make the S3 Mini stand out amongst its competition. This app will allow you to send images to other mobile devices like tablets, and you can also send the images to someone’s television. If you are a fan of Instagram or Dropbox, you will have even more options to share items with others because both of these apps are available on the S3 Mini.

The camera that is added to this mobile phone will allow you to take quality pictures. Pictures that are taken in lower light will come out as crisp and clear as those that are taken with the LED flash. This camera also has the ability to allow you to take over 15 pictures in a row, and facial recognition is an added capability of this phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has another trick up its sleeve. It has another multitasking feature known as Pop-up Play. This feature combines two tasks into one. It will allow you to go online whilst you are looking at files on your phone. This is a quick and convenient way to upload files to emails, social media accounts, etc.

Voice Interaction

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini does not stop with those features; it has other surprises in store for mobile phone users. Did you know that if you simply asked a question into the S3 Mini, it would help find the answer for you? This is made possible by numerous apps that are preloaded on the phone including:

  • S Memo
  • Google Maps
  • Flipboard
  • S Suggest
  • Media Hub
  • ChatON

The Performance of the S3 Mini

The S3 Mini may be small, but it has a fast performance speed. This is due to the dual core processor with the extra GB of RAM. The Jellybean operating system also helps this phone run at an amazing speed.

Although this mobile phone is small, it has the ability to perform a lot of the same functions that the higher priced smart phones perform.

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