Why a GSM Gateway is The Perfect Small Business Companion

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Contacting existing and potential customers is a common need of any sort of business, and quite often a budget concern. Small business owners need to reach out to their target audience, but at the same time, they have to make the most out of a limited amount of money.

Calling mobile phones and long distance will generate call termination rates, which will eventually result in high costs. As a solution, some companies provide staff members with several mobile lines, so they can use the one with the best available rate for each call and it also proves to be convenient and beneficial to them.

The problem is that it is it hard to control which line is being used at each moment and it is also impractical for employees.

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However, business owners have the possibility to adopt a different measure. After much long and careful observation as well as the consideration taken the companies like iQsim.com have started offering a GSM Gateway as the ultimate communications solution for any small business. Essentially, what they provide is one product that replaces the process that staff members were doing with several mobile devices. But because the gateways automatically choose the best line available, communication is faster and more efficient.

What is a GSM Gateway and how does it work?

Here we are going to show you how GSM gateway works.

A GSM Gateway is a device that takes outbound calls and routes them using virtual SIM cards. It does not interfere with employees’ routines, as they will simply dial the number on their phones. Then the gateway automatically chooses the most suitable line to make the call, avoiding expensive call termination rates.

Why should a small business get a GSM Gateway?

A GSM gateway is a smart investment for small and growing businesses. It is an easy way to turn regular phone lines into a sophisticated phone system. The change is more than a solution for expensive call termination; it also provides the following benefits:

There is no need of spending thousands of dollars for call termination anymore.

  • Sets a more professional image in front of customers
  • Makes daily communication tasks easier for employees
  • Ensures customer reach strategies
  • Saves money on monthly phone bills

The communication tool is very helpful for those businesses with a strong customer service drive. It does not require major installation procedures or extensive wiring and works with standard phones. It is an advantage for any office that is not yet ready to invest in a more comprehensive business phone system, but at the same time wants to start building their corporate image.

As such we have a GSM gateway that is much cheaper and thus affordable to small business with limited budgets but heavy communication needs. It satisfies the customers in such a way that they need not look for any other alternative methods to rather than GSM gateway.

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