Lucky 6 game for Android Review


FatCat for android is indeed unique. It is said that with FatCat getting lucky has never been so easy. A new application for you which is fun and quite easy game which is absolutely free to play. You can simply win cash and luxury holidays by playing the new Lucky6 by the well-known FatCat.


So without wasting any further time lets download this application as soon as possible. There are many reasons to play the FatCat application. While you are playing this application you can simply:

  • Win Cash simply because Fat Cat do not play for points. They indeed play for Big Money.
  • Challenge your friends because competing against friends is simply great. And it is obvious that winning when they win is the obvious Fat Cat way.
  • Brands you know. There is basically no research involved because every brand is almost a household name.
  • Huge jackpots: Fat Cat jackpots are huge simply because it is simply fun in that way.
  • Share with all your Dear friends: just go ahead and simply share with your dear friends. You would be happy to know that every single friend whom you invite gives you the better chance of winning.
  • Easy to Play: playing this game is as easy as the tapping of the logos of all your favourite brands.

FatCat is indeed Crowdfunding


You can easily get into a unique concept. You need to get to that concept early so that it could threaten to challenge the traditional lottery. The market is indeed enormous and the revenue generation is quite immediate.


This is a particular business which can scale very easily and that too by starting in India. After starting in India then to Latin, America, China and then further beyond. It is indeed an opportunity where the potential return on the very investment is actually immense just so that you know.

So this is a “matter of great chance” for you to be a part of the great Game Changer. So please feel free to view the video and also refer to the preview of the campaign. And make sure you do that before all the videos of the campaign goes live.

FatCat for Android

So download the fatCat as soon as possible and also try out the Lucky 6. It is indeed a new style of lottery which is all about brands that are going to cost you nothing to play.


Just in case you are trying to use this application in your android phone you need to realize that Google does not permit the reward based games on the play store even if they are free to play.

So if you have not permitted apps to be downloaded at all from other places then you need to follow the steps. Just remember you have to follow the steps only once

Step 1: Open Settings and select the More tab

Step 2: You can select the Security

Step 3: you can check the unknown sources box and then press ok. You need not worry it is perfectly safe.

Step 4: You can open your browser and just press Download.

Even you can win the prizes which vary from huge cash jackpots to that particular holiday which you have always dreamed of in this life. So here is the game which is completely free to play and where you can win something that you are going to remember forever. But better still if you can invite your friends and out of your friends some of them are lucky enough to pick the top six then you would be both winning. So you have already doubled your chances of winning and so now you have to invite your whole Facebook community now.

You can also invite all your twitter followers as well. You have also given yourself a chance that you ever can. You can easily say that you are halfway to that illusive prize.

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