Online Time-sheet Software Services


For the first time ever Time-sheet Portal brings you the online timesheet software services at your reach. For any one of you out there who is not aware of a timesheet software, here goes the relevant details for you.

A timesheet or time sheet is a unique method which is employed or implemented to record the exact amount of any worker or employee’s time that he is giving at his service. In the earlier days there used to be sheet of paper which used to have all the data. The data were arranged in tabular format in which all the entries used to be done. With the changing time everything is shifted on to the computer and now it has become online with the advent of technology. Nowadays we have the time sheet in the form of digital document or a spreadsheet.

This concept of time-sheet was actually developed for the employer of any firm. The employer used to determine the payroll using the concept of timesheet for the employees of his firm. As of now timesheet serves more purposes than simply determining payroll. It is now used to record the very start time of a particular job and also its very end time  and in other cases the duration. It can also facilitate to determine the accomplishment of a particular job which has been broken down into particular tasks. All these separate information will be then used by the employer to determine the factors like payroll or client billing or any other important factors like estimation of project costing as well as management or even tracking the project.

The online time-sheet software service provided by time-sheet portal is another great way to maintain the time-sheet in an online and digital way. It offers the best of facility to the employer of any particular organization. This particular online timesheet software service provides many other benefits like

  • Online Time Tracking
  • Online Expense Forms
  • Time-Off Bookings
  • Client Invoicing
  • Track Project Budgets, and
  • Synchronize Data

Let us discuss all of these factors one by one in detail so as to explain clearly the various factors.

Online Time Tracking

Online time tracking will facilitate you to measure the time taken by the employees of your firm to complete any particular task. The facility is very easy to set up and is indeed very easy and comprehensive to use. You would be getting the innumerable options to configure the application in a way that would best suit your organization. Your business might be project based or a complete BPO or a service based or even any recruitment agency. You can simply tune the application to suit your organizations need. In order to track all your internal costs and margins you can even link the Time data to the rates.

Online Expense Forms

Sometimes paying the expenses are really troublesome. Now with the facility of Online Expense Forms you can simply exclude the pain of all the capturing and authorizing while paying the expense forms. You can simply keep all the details in a safe and a secure place. Apart from that you can also track the internal and client expenses as well as the mileage. You can record them in multiple currencies and you can even send the receipt  directly from your mobile phone.

Time-Off Booking

The leave management system of time-sheet portal allows you to book as well as manage the people’s time off taken for any other reason like sickness or annual leave or maternity leave. You even get the facility to share the holiday calendars so that everyone can view their availability.

Client Invoicing

Using the facility of client invoicing you can automate the process of creating your customer invoices directly from the time and expenses logged into the system. You can simply use your own bespoke invoice template or you can even export into other application.

 Track Project Budgets

You can easily track your project budgets with all the comprehensive reports. You can also set the internal client budgets for any projects and can track the same over time.

Synchronize Data

You can export all your invoices to Sage or Quick-Books. You can also create Custom import solutions to integrate with your HR and Custom Database.