The Effect Your Surroundings Can Have On Your Work

The Effect Your Surroundings Can Have On Your Work

People collect things for a variety of reasons, either sentimental, because they spent a lot of money on the item, or simply because they’re building a collection. However, there comes a time when all the things you collect, save, tape to the wall, and forget to throw out, becomes clutter that can really affect the way you work.

The Effect Your Surroundings Can Have On Your Work

Here at , we understand the effects your surroundings can have on your work, and have outlined ways to combat the negative effects and celebrate the positive ones.

Clutter Can Negatively Impact Your Brain

Surrounding your workspace with clutter can negatively impact your ability to focus and process information. This is because physical clutter demands your attention, decreasing your motivation to complete your immediate tasks, and increasing stress. It is important that your workspace is clean and tidy to allow your brain to be less cluttered with thoughts of cleaning, and more open to finishing the task on hand.

Apply Constraints To Decrease Clutter

A messy office can have serious impacts on the way you complete your work. Your surroundings affect not only your motivation, but also the way you think. So it is very important to apply constraints to decrease clutter. This could include not buying new books until you’ve read the ones you already have, or not creating new folders on your computer if you can delete unnecessary information in others and use them instead.

Use Small Storage Spaces

Storage spaces are a great way to tidy up an area and limit the use of consumption. Using a tray for your incoming messages on your desk, or a folder to store receipts is a great way to keep everything together and limit clutter. It is perfect for organising things into categories and will make it easier for you to find specific things. Just like limiting yourself to a certain number of hangers in your closet to cut down your expenditure on clothes, only keep one or two folders and a small tidy tray to minimise the amount of mess you can make.

Become A Product Of Your Environment

It is important to make sure your workspace has an open vibe to it that helps to facilitate ideas and share information. HotSpot is a company that takes advantage of employee collaboration, and regularly rotates desk arrangements, and even provide free alcoholic beverages to their staff. While this may seem unorthodox, it generates a positive effect because it allows workers to get to know each other and appreciate the trust given to them by their employer. This means they are positive about their work and perform their duties at the highest level.

Your work surroundings can have either a positive or a negative effect on the way you do your job. By de-cluttering your workspace and applying constraints, you can make it more enjoyable and will find yourself becoming generally more positive about your job and getting things done faster than ever before!