Which Galaxy? The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Vs. The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2

Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Galaxy Nexus




Samsung’s Galaxy range of phones has a deservedly good reputation with products ranging from the Galaxy Note mini tablet series to the Galaxy S III, widely considered by experts to be the best mobile phone currently on the market. The main problem with Galaxy phones though is that they tend to be pretty pricey. The latest models can run to several hundred pounds. However, there are cheaper models available.

Two of the models you will frequently find Orange and Vodafone offers on are the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Mini 2. We wanted to know how these two models compared, so we put them to the test, head to head, to find out exactly what their differences are. And we found that one of these models is clearly superior to the other. So if you’re on the lookout for a new mobile, then keep reading to find out which of these two is better, and which one carries our seal of approval…

Why You Should Get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Nexus has a lot of advantages. It is the faster phone. It comes running a 1200 MHz processor as opposed to the 800 MHz processor on the Mini, making it snappier and more powerful. It also runs double the amount of RAM, so it’s more responsive and better able to handle multi-tasking and running more than one process at a time. The screen on the Nexus is far larger, measuring in at 4.6 inches over a mere 3.3 inches on the Mini. But it’s also better quality, being a Super AMOLED screen rather than the older TFT LCD screen on the Mini, making it brighter and more vivid.

The display also has six times higher screen resolution and eighty per cent more PPI (pixels per inch), making it crisper and clearer than that of the Galaxy Mini. Plus, the in-built camera is higher resolution too, being a 5 MP cam as compared to the 3 MP camera on the Mini, making photos taken with the Nexus better quality and more finely detailed. And it shoots full HD video too. You get a lot more internal storage on the Nexus, which has 16 GB of internal memory versus 4 GB on the Mini, meaning you can store four times more music, photos, videos and data on your device. Basically, the Nexus has the full package…

What the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Can Do?

Sadly, the Mini really can’t do a lot when compared to the Nexus. It is smaller and lighter, but with such a big difference in screen size, that’s to be expected. It does have a built in FM radio. A little unnecessary nowadays with so many great radio apps on the market, but still, it might be nice to have. But that’s pretty much it…

And the Winner is…

Clearly, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a much better buy than the Galaxy Mini 2, even though both of these phones are commonly offered for next to nothing when you sign a phone contract. Given the choice, you should always go for the Nexus, it’s a far better phone.

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Phil Turner has been looking into current O2, Orange, 3 and Vodafone offers in an effort to find the perfect phone for the perfect price.