Improve The Airflow Around Your Company’s Office This Summer!


Nobody likes working in summer. Those long, hot days are usually spent feeling uncomfortable, staring out of the window lustfully. It doesn’t help that your office is poorly ventilated, and not enough cool air is delivered to the building.

In fact, the temperature in which you work can directly impact your productivity. This means that in summer, out of all the other times of the year, your business is at risk of poor results. Poor results means lower profits, so it’s important that you nip this problem in the bud. You have to spend money to make money, and you may have to dig deep to improve that office atmosphere.

Improve The Airflow Around Your Company's Office This Summer!

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So, it’s time to protect your business from disaster, and make your work environment just a little bit more appealing. Keep your staff from feeling uncomfortable, and they’ll reward you with some top-notch work. Hopefully.

Hosing and ductwork

The cold air is supplied to your building – more often than not – by an air con unit. This air con unit is connected by a variety of pipes and ducts, and it could be these that are causing the high temperatures.

There could be a rip in one of them, which will be hard to find. You’ll have to check every inch of your hosing and ductwork. There’s a chance that these pipes could be releasing cool air because they’re not connected correctly, too. Poorly connected ducts are usually indicative of a wider problem, so have your whole system checked. If one duct isn’t fitted right, then there’s a good chance the same will be true elsewhere.

Luckily, there are many cost-effective hosing solutions to improve ventilation and cold air supply. Rather than forking out for a completely new air con system, fix the small things. Speaking of air conditioning units…

Check and audit your air con unit

The poor airflow around your building could simply be down to a poorly functioning air conditioning unit. So, have this checked first before you fork out for any expensive treatments. Firstly, have a look at your outside appliance. This could have been damaged by anything; weather, debris, the wind blowing rocks. It could have a stone lodged inside it, blocking part of the airflow.

Or, your air con unit could be blocked by ice. In this case, you’ll have to remove and clean/replace your filters. If the filters are ok, then your refrigerant supply could be running lower than necessary.

Use those windows – carefully

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Many people think that just opening all the windows will do the trick. While a placebo effect may result in you feeling cooler, opening all your office’s windows can actually make the problem worse.

Opening windows at either end of the building lets the cold air in, then lets it right out the other window again. In order to combat this issue, open one window at one end of the room, and leave the rest. You’ll have a steady supply of cool air, and with nowhere for it to go, it’ll circulate around your room.

So, in short, look after your office and it’ll look after you. Give your employees a cool working environment, and they’ll reward you with much better results.