Chatwork – Defining New Ways of Communication


In today’s world, chatting has a broader meaning. The business is widely spread and when you have to communicate with all of them at one go then what option do you have! Connecting people all over the world and making the communication process much smoother was the main aim with which Chatwork was launched in March, 2011.


Within 2 years of its operation, it got a huge response from almost 2,50,000 users who were really benefited by Chatwork.

Why Chatwork is required!

In most offices the work orders depends mostly on emails and then phones. Communication over the phone has one drawback and that is you are not able to see the person you are talking to and that way you are not sure whether you were successful in communicating your requirements.

You don’t know whether the person has read the mail or not unless he replies back. So, to do away with all these hurdles Chatwork provides the perfect platform by giving you the opportunity to assign tasks and set deadlines very easily. It has better audio and video calling quality than other popular messengers.

How it functions!

It will provide you with the option of making groups as per projects or if you want you can make chat groups as per department whichever way you feel comfortable. The cloud communication tool for teams and business helps you organize events effectively. Then you will be able to carry on with only audio chat or even the video chat as you wish.

The task management feature helps you to create the task easily and also managing the task has never been so easy earlier. When you are communicating on official matters then there are documents which need to be exchanged and the file sharing feature of Chatwork does this work within a blink of your eye by just dragging and dropping the required files.

The video calls are carried out without any hitch; you won’t be facing any connection problem or image getting blurred or call dropping. The quality is much better than Skype and Google Hangout on any given day.

Importance of Chatwork in our business

So, how will you be benefited through the use of Chatwork in your business! The answer is very simple, it will reduce almost half of your communication cost and this definitely is a good reason to get started with Chatwork. You waste most of the time waiting for the person to post a reply to your mail or calling up the person and waiting for him to make the decision and this takes up a lot of time and money both but with Chatwork you can save both.

The time and money saved in communication can be invested in doing some better work for the organization. Through Chatwork, you just have to login and get the concerned person or the group of people come over to chat room and you will be able to communicate with them face to face reading their expressions clearly and even the decision making process will be prompt too.

How does it differ from others!

When you will compare it with other chat services you will see that how easy it is to chat in the same window and how simple the whole process is! Most of the time when we are on a conference call we are required to screen share that is open up other windows to provide information but whenever we do that the call quality drops but that is not the case with Chatwork.

There will be no distortion of face or breaking up of voice; you will be able to operate both the windows without any such glitch. Then again, important portion of the chat needs to be saved, don’t worry because it will be simple copy paste and you are done!


Still, thinking whether to make the shift! Just think the better you communicate the more business opportunity you will have. If you have business associates all around the globe then joining Chatwork will be the best thing to do as it will help you to keep up with your promises and performances without fail. This app is available on Android and iOS which makes co-ordination with the team much easier. For more details you can go to the site –