How to Install and Play Flappy Bird on PC

Install and Play Flappy Bird on PC

Flappy bird is an interesting game which you can play with your friends too. It is very much addictive and you will be so engrossed in your game that time will fly like anything. So if you don’t have anything to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon, then this game will be just perfect for killing time. People can easily access it in the app store, but if you are someone who doesn’t possess any Smartphone then you must be missing out on this crazy game.

How to Install and Play Flappy Bird on PC

But nowadays nothing seems impossible and when BlueStacks is there to help you then why are you worrying so much! Most people find it an annoying game, but still they are hooked onto it. This is one of those games which you will find both on Android and iOS devices therefore if you have once played this game on your friend’s device and want to play it again then you will be able to do that by installing it on your PC.

Install and Play Flappy Bird on PC

Flappy bird is the new game so it will be available on BlueStacks after a few days. If you are so much desperate to play this game, then you can go for online version (see below links). Since it’s not available on BlueStacks server you can go for online version.

Strategies and Tips

  • It is said that if you want to play this game efficiently then you will have to take the screen protector off to get better sensor
  • The opening that you will find in between two pipes there you have to aim for the bottom half before hitting the screen
  • Try to get a good rhythm in your head so that it helps you play this game efficiently
  • In order to earn the bronze medal you will have to achieve 10 points, 20 points will fetch you the silver medal and 30 points for the gold medal.
  • When you will find the space between the two pipes be higher then is the best time to kill birds
  • The larger the screen the better you will lay the game so if you have a tablet then try playing this game on your tablet
  • When you are approaching the pipe make it faster and then very fast drop yourself in between the two pipes

How to play Flappy Bird Online

Since, this game is not available on BlueStacks server, you cannot enjoy this lovely game on your PC. But, you can play this game on your PC through the given link below:

  1. Click on this link to play Flappy Bird on PC

To install the game directly on your PC you have to download BlueStacks first and then download it directly to your PC. Since this game is new, it will be available on the BlueStacks server after few days. Bit, still you can download and keep the file in .apk format. Below the detailed steps are described on how to download the game and BlueStacks on your PC.

Installing the Flappy Bird Game on your PC

Now when you know what the game is all about and how to play it, you must be dying to try it out. It is said that larger screen will help you play this game better so if you are playing this game on your PC then nothing can beat that. You will have to download the BlueStacks on your PC first in order to install this game.

Let’s download BlueStacks first 


  • You need to go to the official website of BlueStacks and download it from there
  • Now wait for the download process to finish
  • Once the download is completed, you have to double-click on the downloaded file
  • Now click on continue and then on install

This process will help you download and install the BlueStacks on your PC. Now we are ready to carry out the installation process of this game. Go through these steps and at the end you will find the game on your desktop –

  • You will find a search field in the BlueStacks at the corner
  • You will have to type in the name of the game, in this case type Flappy Bird in the search field
  • Once you find the game you must click on install button on the game so that the installation process initiates
  • The game starts downloading automatically when the installation is complete
  • Now when the downloading is finished, you will find the game on your desktop ready to play.

Therefore, you will now be able to play the game on a large screen without any hitches so now beat your Smartphone user friend in their own game.

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