Top Reasons Why You Should Avail of External Meeting Rooms

Serviced offices do not only provide instant offices but also meeting rooms. There are lots of companies and organisations which hire meeting rooms from time to time. Various reasons can be attributed to this strategy and some companies do it for all the reasons mentioned. Here are the top reasons why meetings are conducted outside of the office.


Due to budget constraints, the majority can only afford an office space enough for a few people to perform office work. Some offices on the other hand may offer meeting rooms that are not large enough to accommodate 10 or more people.


Top Reasons Why You Should Avail of External Meeting Rooms

In some cases, home based business cannot hold meetings at their own place; therefore, there is a need to rent meeting rooms in any alternative offices available. Some businessmen are not confident with their location as it may create a negative impression with their clients. It’s better for business as well as for those who need to conduct meetings in serviced offices with a prestigious address whether it’ll be in Hong Kong or New York.

Cost and Savings

When your business involves a lot of outside office work, a meeting room inside the office can be a waste especially if not used to its fullest potential. Building an office is already expensive and adding a meeting room can add another set of expenses such as maintenance, monthly bills, renovation and updating facilities from time to time. What’s the use of paying these expenses when majority of your clients prefer to hold meetings in venues nearer to them?


 If your employees are more on the mobile type category such as always on the go, then regular meetings are probably held regularly, so therefore, serviced offices with meeting rooms where it would be convenient for both parties to travel to, would be ideal. Most serviced offices are a one stop shop for meetings meaning it will have an area for refreshment, office facilities, work stations, and professional as well as technical support on hand to help. As such, you do not have to deal with two or more establishments to help you conduct outside of the office meetings.


Some companies with meeting rooms still rent external meeting rooms. Holding meetings outside of the office gives people a break away from the monotony of the office environment. It can be seen as a way of helping employees and staff to recharge energies when they are in an unfamiliar territory. It can also help people engage in fruitful discussion if surroundings are new to them.

They might see something in the features and services of the alternative office with a meeting room that will help inspire them to generate ideas productively.

Do not be surprised if your company assigns you to hire a meeting room one of these days even if you have one inside the office. These are just some of the reasons why companies will want to conduct meetings outside the office from time to time.

Leo Layman is a self-employed online entrepreneur currently working from four different cities around the world. He is a regular contributor to various sites and blogs specializing in startup businesses, business traveling and working environment solutions for self-employed business owners.