Must-Know Tricks To Make Them Read Your Blog



When we start a blog, we wanna see it popular among as many readers as possible. You may be a good author, and you think that your articles are of the highest quality, but… You write and publish posts, and people are still not in a hurry to read and comment on them. Is it your fault? Yes, it actually is, because it seems you don’t know some simple tricks to attract a reader to your blog.

Even if you are a newbie of blogging, it will be not difficult for you to follow some advice on how to make your blog interesting and useful for people on the Internet. The fact is they come to the web to read and find information needed… Your task is to give this information, and you should do it in a way to make your reader come back to your blog again and again.

The main point here is to understand how people perceive information. Many essays have been written on it, and if you know it, you will be able to write really interesting posts for many people. So, what can you do for that?

  • One topic is a must! When a person visits your blog, he wants to know what he will read there about. Choose one topic and follow it while writing articles for your blog. For example, you are interested in cinematography and you are ready to share all news and your own thoughts on it with others. We think, you’ll agree that it would be quite strange for a reader to open your blog and find a recipe of your favourite cake there.

  • Think carefully on your titles! Remember that titles play a very important role in blogging. This is the first thing a person will see when he open your blog. Make your titles informative and catchy: your task here is to make a visitor wanna read the article itself. Make sure that your title is relevant enough for a reader to understand what information he will get if he continues reading your post.

  • Write one-of-a-kind articles! Forget about copy paste, share your own knowledge and thoughts with your readers, make them feel that you understand exactly what you are talking about.

  • Write for people, not for search engines! Yes, all bloggers try to optimize their articles in a way, it would be easy to find them via different search engines. But don’t forget about the fact that you write for people first. They wanna see informative and interesting posts, not a combination of words with no meaning.

  • Images! People like bright and beautiful pictures, so don’t ignore them where it’s acceptable. Your post becomes more attractive for readers if you add a bright image to it. Moreover, this image can tell people what information they will find if they decide to read your article.

  • Don’t forget about links! When you write a post, it’s a good idea to share links to some useful resources that can help your readers find much information on the topic you write about.

  • Use tags. Readers will find much information in your blog if you add some tags to each post you publish. Tags will help them find more posts on the same topic, and they will read more articles of your blog, not a single one.

  • Talk to your readers! If a person comments on your post, don’t ignore his message. Always reply on every comment, answer all questions, make people see that your blog is “active”, you always work on it and pay attention to every person who comes to read it.

Your blog’s content is the main trick to make people read it. So, pay attention to it, make it interesting, useful and informative – and you’ll see the result: users will visit it, subscribe and share its content with friends.