A Blogger’s Technology Guide to Grow and Retain the Audience

There are millions of bloggers online who create and share content online each day. In the midst of intense competition for eyeballs what can a blogger do to grow as well as maintain the readership? It is extremely easy for the audience to get distracted and switch over for information and engross themselves in interesting reads with other blogs and resources. This distraction and the switch-over mainly occur in fast-moving topics like beauty, fashion, shopping etc. If you are a blogger, here is a list of the different kind of strategies you can utilize to grow and retain your audience…

Spread your Wings

Readership expansion required maximum coverage of the blog content. Using free mediums you can broadcast and post your blogs on all social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Sigmabeauty.com is a good example of a company using diverse but each and every one medium as a stage for its word content, product pictures and its popular Sigma discount code that offers wonderful deals on beauty products. Try using all the free online platforms first and get a holistic view of the strong mediums against the ineffective ones. Delete the ineffective ones and build on the strong ones and build your strategy from there.

Strengthen the Strong Strategies

After posting your blog content across all free mediums you can discover what works best for you and which position of fetches you more readership. For instance Sigma Beauty discovered that its content on Sigma beauty coupon code was more popular across word-friendly social mediums like Twitter and Facebook. This was because people wanted to read more about the popular Sigma coupon codes that had different terms and conditions with each release making blog based content a good hook to garner more readerships for their blogs. They strategized to promote Sigma coupon code based content and emphasized only on that thereby getting more hits and directing more business to their website. Deciding on which strategy to strengthen and which strategy to let go requires a clear judgment, good knowledge while a little help analytics like Google Analytics will do no harm!

Make Most of Likes and Comments

It is a smart move to keep a note of the people who keep liking, sharing and commenting on your blog posts time and again. These people have been your audience once and are likely to be so in the future as well. Thus, keep noting down their email addresses all the time. These email addresses can be used in the future to send out direct blog links and related material to the gathered addresses. Recognizing your real audience is important. You could segment this list further by bifurcating it into people’s choice of content. Make an excel sheet and categorize the email addresses into slot for different blog types like pictorial blogs, informative blogs, How-To blogs or Do-It-Yourself Blogs.

You can write for sure, but knowing the technology that drives people to read it is also essential. Want to blog without an audience? No point!