New Social Media: Should Digital Marketers Get a Keek start?


KeekDeveloping innovative ways to promote your business via social media is increasingly crucial for those who want to stand out from the crowd. With social media for business now more a normality than a rarity, businesses should be looking for original ideas to widen their social media presence. In what is becoming a somewhat over saturated market; every so often a new platform will come along that has features which could last the test of time.

If it can prove its worth; you will find businesses and individuals from all kinds of sectors imaginable jumping on the bang wagon. Enter Keek– the newest member of the social media family. Launched in early 2011 it is still an infant, but has shown incredible success in less than 2 years. So how far can a social media platform that is yet to become a household name, propel your marketing strategy?

Keek has quickly cemented a place as a useful tool for engaging viewers with user’s content. The concept is simple; short, personalised video messages called ‘keeks’ that can last no longer than 36 seconds. In effect a visual Twitter. The launch of a mobile app for iOS, Blackberry and Android in March 2012 dramatically increased its activity in its first year of operation. It has been described as “a new wave in technology” and even a “micro version of YouTube.”

In August 2012 alone, Keek received over 250 million page views. In the same month there were 2 million ‘keeks’ created- nearly a third of the sites all time total. The ability to share to other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter has become a big part of its contents virility. As Keek moves into 2013, it boasts 1 billion monthly page views and an incredible 200,000 user accounts are created on a daily basis. Some might say the gravy train has left the station, so make sure you are on it.

How can Keek improve my marketing strategy?


Hashtag Campaigns

Similar to Twitter and Instagram, Keek operates a Hashtag system where users can employ a # symbol to personalise a theme or campaign. Businesses can utilise the ability to share their ‘keeks’ via other social media platforms, so by incorporating their existing campaigns they can multiply the results. Short video clips could include everything from product placement to live demonstrations. According to the US Department of Education, 50% of people are visual learners and are therefore more likely to engage with material which is pictorial.

Engage With Potential Customers

Users of Keek are unique in the sense that scrolling text is not what grasps their attention. It is important to create an interesting name for your video campaign to encourage followers to engage with you, but the visual content is what will keep them coming back for more. With some imagination you can use this to drive potential customers to your brand. Follow other Keek-ers, see what kind of content they engage with and replicate this with company led videos. Consider if they sharing humorous content, informative content or politically motivated content?

Personal Touch

Possibly the most impacting feature of your Keek marketing strategy will be the user input. The personalised style of ‘Keeks’ and their pleasant amateur nature will add a great deal of the human touch. For instance, a campaign encouraging users to ‘Keek’ themselves using your businesses promotional gifts in the most inventive way will spark an authentic personal reaction. A well thought out campaign does not have to include expensive filming costs, it just needs to flood the site with the ethos of what you are trying to market, and most importantly generate real human reaction.

Social media is the leading modern marketing technique.  Your strategy to make the most of this should revolve around innovation and imagination. It may not be too much time before another platform rears its head but savvy marketers should be aware of all avenues. Keek is one of the current fastest growing means to reach out to an interested audience. Don’t miss out on an outstanding marketing tool – you’ll end up ‘keeking’ yourself if you do.

About the Author

Steel City Marketing is a promotional gifts company situated in the heart of Sheffield. They provide inventive marketing packages to small and large clients across the UK. With over ten years in the business, they are confident in their ability to infuse your marketing campaign with fresh ideas and drive forward your intended aims to success.