Using Social Media to Improve Job Search

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Social Media is an important platform these days and it is not just restricted to some fun thing instead it’s a serious business out there. What you are posting and how you are replying back, everything is being observed by people from all parts and when it comes to employers even they are now looking into the matter seriously. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are brought under scanner in order to judge the person.

Now the social media platform also has become a source of background check. Though the platforms like Facebook and twitter are mostly used for informal purposes where you posts holiday pictures and how you have spent your days with college friends, but through those images and status updates the employers get a reality check about the person you are. What your likes and dislikes are!

Behave Yourself at Every Social Media Platform

In a recent survey, it was noticed that people are getting rejected due to their use of social media platform. Even when it is used for personal use you must not put across anything which is illegal or derogatory because your single status update can land you a job or get yourself rejected. When the employers were asked about what they look for in the account of the candidate some of them mentioned that starting from the image that you post to the comments you make on your social media platform it reflects the person you are.

For example Facebook has the option of updating your favorite movies, cartoon characters, books, interests, etc. Now when somebody goes through your account they will have a fair idea about your personality through them. Then the status you update or the educational and professional qualification that you have uploaded in your social media account if they do not match with the original then you will be in trouble too. Mostly your communication skill, grooming and your interests are looked into through the social media platform.

If you are bad-mouthing about someone or some company, have posted provocative images or made comments on gender, race, religion, etc. then all these will be held against you. As this shows your negative attitude towards life which none of the companies will prefer.

What is Good for You!


If you are on LinkedIn then there are certain things that you can do in order to get yourself in the good books of the employer and they are

  • If you have over 50 connections, then it will move you up the search radar. More and more employers will be looking into your profile and you will be on the good books of the like- minded people and also the companies.
  • If you can get yourself recommendation letters from a previous boss, then nothing like that. If all your colleagues and friends, including your former boss have only nice things to say about you then your profile will definitely look good
  • As this is not a personal platform therefore it is better if you can get yourself a professional photo without doing anything extra. No shades and beach wear t-shirts, but have a picture of yours with formal wear.

When you are networking through Facebook then make sure that your future employer might get into your account so there you need to –

  • Do graph search to find people who are in the same industry that you are in and that way it will show that you are in touch with everything relevant
  • Describe your interests and job profiles in the Notes so that they stay longer than usual updates and increase your chances of getting noticed
  • Select privacy accordingly and never ever say bad things about any employer with whom you have worked with
  • Subscribe to the industrial page of the company you are eyeing so that you can get an insight of their world and keep you ahead of others

When you are tweeting you will have to keep all these point in mind

  • Only follow them whom you want to allow to read your previous tweets else just follow them with whom you want to work as there you will find the job listings as well
  • You can follow the companies activities through this platform and see what the trend is like apart from that make sure that you go through the discussions as well
  • Also help in building network by joining chats or lead certain conversations and don’t confine yourself within a specific group instead spread out

Now if you are thinking about changing your job for better than make sure you sign up to Google + because this is the place to be in for future reference. In here you must mention the work history of yours in details so that the employers know beforehand what your strong points are. Try to be present in the communities which are within your interests and share contents in there. This will help you in projecting a good image in front of the future employer and there will be no fear of getting rejected for getting things wrong on social media platform!

Using Social Media To Improve Your Job Search is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree