Facebook and Its Advertising Impact – Infographic


Today, Facebook is still the largest social networks in the entire world reaching most all countries and individuals on every different economic level. However, using Facebook is no longer limited to maintaining contact with friends, family and co-workers, but instead is an opportunity for those who are working in marketing and advertising. Using Facebook as a platform to advertise on is a way to reach just about any audience regardless of the business or brand you want to promote. According to statistics, Facebook accounts for at least 1 out of every 5 pages viewed on the Internet.

Some of the most popular companies that advertise on Facebook includes Zynga, Fab.com, Electronic Arts, Proctor and Gamble-Consumer Goods along with AT&T Telecommunications. Additionally, American Express-Financial Services, Experian Information Services Group, Groupon E-Commerce and Walmart also provide a substantial budget for adverting and marketing with the use of Facebook and its users alone.

The most popular industries that utilize Facebook’s advertising platform includes financial services followed by those involved in retail, telecommunications and software. Facebook’s women users are statistically more involved and active than men online. Men prefer pictures of women whereas women also prefer more pictures of women than men, making them the prime consumers and users of the social network. Women are also tagged in 2x more photos than men when using Facebook’s “tagging” system options.

Facebook and Its Advertising Impact

The average woman uploads approximately 347 photos to her account with Facebook, whereas men have a dramatically lower number of photos which is about 179. Men are tagged in approximately 35 photos on each of their profiles with women being tagged in about 73. Facebook’s most common demographic overall includes North American women who are between the age of 18 and 24, accounting for 5% of all users on the network or more than 25,000,000 individuals.

Knowing the biggest demographic on Facebook is a way to properly create marketing and advertising campaigns that work. Facebook advertising is ideal for anyone working in finance and business, retail and even in telecommunications depending on the type of products or services you want to provide to your customers. Advertising with the use of Facebook is ideal whether you are launching a start up business of your own or if you have an already-established company that you would like to grow even more.

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