Using Apps to Help Ring in the New Year

Using Apps to Help Ring in the New Year

The New Year is just around the corner. Many of us will be celebrating with friends, drinking champagne, and crowding around a television to watch a ball drop in Times Square.

Using Apps to Help Ring in the New Year

Of course, for those of us with a minor addiction to technology, the night wouldn’t be complete without a few great apps. We’ve found some of the best apps to help you ring in the New Year and get 2014 started right.

Plan Your Party

Have you put yourself in charge of hosting the New Years Eve festivities? It’s time to start party planning. Use these apps to start the party.

  • Evite: This app will allow you to invite friends to your party and to keep track of which guests have sent an RSVP. Keep your guests updated on party plans with the comment function.
  • PitchIn: Don’t take on all of the responsibilities yourself. Create a to do list that can be managed between several people. You can each choose which tasks you’ll take care of, split costs, and set reminders.

Choose the Music

You want your guests to be moving and mingling. You can help keep the energy up in the room with the help of a great playlist. Rather than running back to your iPod all night, let these apps do the work for you.

  • Spotify: Create custom playlists. Browse a seemingly endless supply of music by artist or keyword. Use the radio function to keep the music going. Spotify will have you covered all night.
  • Party Mixer: Turn your mobile device into your party’s personal DJ. The Auto DJ mode on the app will use your playlists to mix songs, crossfade and keep the music going.

Mix Some Drinks

A New Years party wouldn’t be complete without a few drinks. You could stick with the standards or you could wow your guests with your bar tending skills. Create some signature cocktails with the help of these apps.

  • Speakeasy Cocktails: Two professional mixologists will walk you through drink recipes with the videos provided by this app.
  • Mixology: Browse through thousands of recipes, search by ingredients, or let the app offer you a random drink suggestion.
  • iBubbly: Are there guests at the party that won’t be partaking in the midnight champagne toast? Let them in on the action with this app. It simulates the acts of pouring and toasting champagne.

Play Some Games

Whether you’re planning a big loud party or a smaller low key get together, you may experience a lull in the holiday excitement. Be prepared. Download these party games and let your phone save the day.

  • Heads Up: This update on charades will have you and your guests laughing. Hold your phone up to your head while your team helps you guess the displayed word. When the round is up, watch a video of your friends acting out the words.
  • Evil Apples: A tech take on Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity is sure to keep the party interesting.

Count it Down

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. When it’s time to begin the countdown, there’s an app (or two) for that. NYC iPhone app developers sure know how to make New Year’s Eve memorable.

  • New Years Live: This app is an awesome way to keep track of the countdown to 2014 all over the world. Watch other time zones celebrate while you gear up for your own celebration.
  • Times Square Official New Years Eve Ball App: It doesn’t get much better than watching the ball drop in New York City. This app will help you count down to the big moment and celebrate from wherever you are.

Document It

Half the fun of a great party is looking back through the pictures and laughing about the best moments the next morning. Be sure to get plenty of photo evidence of your New Years Eve shenanigans with these apps.

  • Facebook Camera: When you know that a large number of your photos from the night will end up on your favorite social media page, make the task of uploading easier. Upload multiple images and check out your friends feeds as well.
  • Mobli: Take photos, add filters, exchange messages, and send photos directly to other users. Mobli has got it all covered.