The Importance of Mentoring New Employees


When it comes to an effective recruitment process, most companies will have some kind of mentorship program that helps newcomers fit into the office and workflow. This is one of the most important processes to establish as a business, and here’s why.

Introducing them to the workflow

Every office works differently, so introducing new employees to your workflow can have a positive impact on their overall productivity. By helping them understand your workflow, you can help them adapt their existing skills to your business and help them establish their position in your team.

Passing on important knowledge

Your new recruits will likely feel lost when it comes to navigating the office and adapting to the workflow, so being able to pass on crucial knowledge and tips to help them settle in will mean they can be more productive.

Establishing a trusting relationship

A relationship of trust means that your new employees will be more comfortable in their new environment. By being an honest, relatable and friendly person, you’ll establish an excellent relationship that leads to better overall productivity.

Encouraging engagement and teamwork

Engaging employees means that they’re communicating and building a better working relationship. This is a key to a productive workforce and is essential to focus on if you’re trying to help someone new mesh with your existing team. We’ve included an infographic to explain the importance of engagement in the workplace and how to take better advantage of it.

Graphic Design by: University of Southern California