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Small Business Web Hosting OptionsWeb presence is not an option anymore, but a necessity for small businesses to get in touch with customers and profit from products and services. The significant growth of e-commerce is highly attractive for these small business owners to invest in web hosting options for expansions and joint ventures.

It could be a dilemma for startups and small businesses to start from scratch. Whilst a website and good copy of content are some elements required for web presence, before anything else, owners must partner with a reliable web hosting provider that can accommodate robust data in uptime scale to host the website.

There are several options that you can choose from, but rarely, you’ll find the right webhosting provider that has notable features to complement your organisation’s needs. To start with, here are the features you should consider before choosing a webhosting provider for your small business:

Live Chat

While web hosting providers claim 99.99% uptime in their packages, it does not mean that your website won’t face downtime. Many web host users vent their poor experiences in various web-hosting forums and share their reviews. Most of them experienced downtime, ranging from few hours up to several weeks, despite the provider’s 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Make sure you partner with a web-hosting provider that has a live chat support. This will keep you in touch with the customer service 24/7. Refrain from partnering with a web-hosting provider that only supports email because it might take a few days before they reply.

User friendly

The web host you decide to choose should provide user-friendly interface where you can carry out most of the tasks such as e-mail account management, site configurations by yourself. You don’t want to open the live chat or call the provider every time to make changes on your site.

An easy-to-use dashboard features a DIY (do-it-yourself) configuration. This will save you more time and money because web host solution managers have many users in queue waiting for queries to be answered. It may take long before your issue gets solved. A $5-per-month web-hosting package may be attractive at the beginning, but it won’t be if you can’t do most of the things by yourself.


It wouldn’t take long (especially if your website goes viral) for you to require an increase in bandwidth to receive the large amount of traffic.

A web hosting provider that provides scalable options will save you more money because you can only ask the provider to increase the bandwidth rather than opting for a more expensive package that includes a higher bandwidth along with more disk space, CPU cores, RAM etc. (which you may not need).

Moving forward, a web hosting services that offer the above-mentioned features might be the one you’re looking for.

Rackspace offers a robust customer support program. It has been labelled as the “dedicated support” in recent times and plays a vital role in the overall services that they provide. The web host company offers scalable solutions according to the needs of small businesses.

The employees of the company are skilled, and it’s easy for them to find out what the customer exactly needs in terms of disk space, bandwidth, CPU, RAM and other web hosting properties. The company offers expert cloud solutions so businesses can add resources when they need them without any upfront payments.

If you opt for flexibility, scalability and support throughout the years of business operation, don’t underestimate the right options for web hosting provider.

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