3 Reasons Of Buying A .co Domain


Why to Register a .co Domain Name


Recently, there has been an addition made to the domain extension line, which resulted in bringing in new “.co” domains. .co basically denotes domains pertaining to Columbia; it was primarily used by the Columbians, and got global recognition in 2012. This extension has created much fuss in the TLD market, as the new emerging body in the extension line as its popularity has started increasing with available domain names. We have seen many .co domains being sold online on leading domain name registrars such as UnoEuro, HeartInternet, GoDaddy and JustHost, etc. Here are the top 3 reasons why .co may be a good extension choice for your business.

It’s short and concise

The first reason for selecting this domain extension is that it is short and compact. Although, you might notice that there is only one digit difference, it really makes up a cool way of using this domain. Although this doesn’t sound a lot, it saves your time to reach to the third button and the users can reach a second earlier.

Certified by Registrars and Companies

With its global recognition from Google and Yahoo, other major search engines have also started promoting it. Web hosting providers like Register, Go.Co, Domain Monster and GoDaddy are providing this extension to their clients. To support each extension, companies and registrars have to pay thousands of dollars for it and it is really surprising that such companies are able to cope with their cost easily and sufficiently.

Several existing businesses have bought domains with .co extension. This helps them in getting to the other side of the pool, with just at a nominal cost to pay.

Save Money by Registering .co Domain

Purchasing existing extensions or website names can cost you quite a lot. This puts your website at an additional risk to be faced by the owners. Another interesting factor is that you are able to put your selected domain name on the display, regardless of whether it is taken by another company or not. This extension helps in this purpose and adds best to your support.

The cost of selecting a high PR domain can put you out of the budget, but .co or any other extension can help you in getting out of such circumstances. It is much better to sail slow rather than sailing your ship in tornadoes.

Before selecting any of the extensions, you must take a brief look at all the aspects, especially about the fraudulent companies that can rob you off all your money. It is better to pay a dollar more to a registered and globally recognized registrar, rather than building a relation with strangers.

.co domains are not only popular amongst Columbians but also many other users who want to avail of good website names not available in other extensions such as .com, .net, and .org, etc. From search engines’ point of view, there is no harm in having a .co domain even if you have no link of providing services to the Columbian market.

About the Author

Jack Jameson loves to write about how to choose and why buy different types of domain names such as the .co domain (in Danish the term is .co-domæne). If you need reliable web hosting in Europe – try UnoEuro.