Logmatic: Log Analyser

Logmatic: Best Log Analyser

Welcome to the world of big data where every click stream of data and information coming out of web browsing is mined extensively to gain accurate insights about consumer preferences. Each time you surf a website, it drops a cookie on your computer, and you will get a warning that this specific website uses cookies. If you are looking for a house, then there are high chances that the website you use to initiate that transaction might drop a cookie on your computer and whichever website you go, you will see the ad on that website. This is done to ensure repeat recall and is called as “remarketing’.  As a marketing tool it is non-intrusive and has the trust of the users and very economical as well.

Logmatic: Best Log Analyser

So, how do you go about making best use of your logs?

Collecting logs in such a manner that they are easily enriched searched and parsed is the most important step. Setting up a log management tool is the second-best step to record all previous logs and for undertaking application monitoring.  Sending your log data in real-time can be achieved with your Syslogng. The cardinal rule of application monitoring says that the more simple and structured your data is, the easier it is to extract its value later on.

Real life example of how Logmatic can be a godsend

If you are running an online marketing campaign and suddenly you encounter a problem in the percentage of ads served, or the ads are served on the wrong page instead of landing page, transactional emails are not emitted; then such bugs are fixed through Logmatic. Other scenarios where queries are slowing down, errors throwing up can also be fixed through such a solution. Most companies who embrace Logmatic say that it has now become an integral part of the engineering and IT operations. It can handle more than 3 billion log messages and can issue alerts as and when it finds an anomaly.

Just imagine, if you had no log management solution and you had to track or pinpoint an issue across numerous hosts and applications? How cumbersome and hassle prone it would have been? Investigating the computers of users, or monitoring the behavior of their systems is a tiring process. The advanced analytics that is offered in the logmatic tool allow for tracking such issues with pinpoint accuracy so that your application can be rectified and it is up and running in no time.

What users say about their experience with Logmatic

Overall satisfaction levels are quite high with the use of log management tools. Technical teams have never had it so easy. Product software and application development companies now include Logs in the product planning and product development process. They are no longer considered as some fag end of a hidden file but an important part of the development process.

  • Those who have used logmatic before will vouch for the fact that it helps them immensely in searching all server /apps in one place, undertake analysis and create alerts. Being fast with low latency, powerful searching, and filtering, logmatic comes with an alert feature which is super useful.
  • No prior knowledge of any software is needed, no prior training is required. It is quite intuitive to use and no learning curve is there. Improved application monitoring for enhanced performance can only happen when you have clear data about the metrics of the application. Only then can you have a sharper understanding of what works and what does not work in the application development arena of your industry.
  • No wonder, there is a wide variety of the logging best practices that have evolved over time in order to help application maintenance people do a thorough job. Most users confess that it is the best solution that they have tested in a long time. Instead of wasting time in open source software’s that is complex, it’s much better to rely on logmatic and work with proprietary software.

Besides it can be used for any kind of logs be it the ones on the server or mobile, it helps in creating log management infrastructure. The dashboard offered in this log management tool will offer all information in one place so that even a young person with no prior technical experience can operate it when the experts are not there.

The strength of a software tool depends on how easily lay users can use it. And this is where logmatic scores a first amongst others. Few tools can match it on this front.

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Logs: Indispensable for your business!!!

There is a lot of technical and business value from these logs and it can be a very valuable tool for driving tech performance, conducting A/B testing and sharing information with other stakeholders of the business.

If developers can have sharp insights about the performance of various aspects of an application, they can take corrective steps to write flawless code so that there are no bugs and fixes in the next release and the application works seamlessly. Instead of going through the logs after a bug is found, it is better to have insights beforehand so that a superior quality product is released.

If there is anything that can tell you everything about the performance of your app on the app store and how it functions on mobile devices. It logs. Writing logs should be done in such a way that facilitates readability of machines for humans. The real challenge is that when users download these apps, they start emitting huge volumes of data that needs to be mind and that’s where big data analytic tools are used that are getting popular each day.

Clients routinely ask developers at the back end to supply them with app data so that they can formulate their strategy.

Logs can greatly reduce the time you spend on troubleshooting and you will be able to improve software performance and business intelligence.  Servers performance, app performance, end user experience; everything improves with the help of a log management tool.